Lessons of the little prince. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Lessons of the little
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
• Was born 29 June in 1900 France
in Lyon.
• As a child he was a dreamer,
played violin, wrote poems.
• At home in France, he was a
famous pilot.
• In 1944, he was killed by
producing intelligence.


The little Prince
• Allegorical tale, the most famous work of Antoine de SaintExupéry.
• First published 6 April in 1943 in New York.
• Pictures in the book are made by the author himself and
not less famous than the book itself.


• Our hero, kind, honest and bright boy. Every morning starts with
ghosts of the order on his planet. He uproots the little baobabs,
that evil is not penetrated his planet to evil has won welcome!


• "The little Prince" is a fairy tale-parable. This book useful
reading for both children and adults.
• Saint-Exupery wrote this book for children because it
helps children form important human quality in life.


• After reading man has formed the nobility, love of life and
• The little Prince is a fragile creature helpless and ambitious!
From his kindness retreats even death, while he himself calleth
unto itself and that the price to save a favorite creature.


Publication history.
• Exupéry wrote the novel while living in New York.
• In France, the novel was published only after the war in
1946 year the publishing house "Éditions Gajmar»


• Pilot commits a forced landing in the Sahara desert and
encounters one of the unusual and mysterious boy is a Prince
from another planet-asteroid b-612.
• The little Prince tells about their adventures on Earth, says
about amazing rose, about her life on the asteroid, where there
are three volcano and rose.


• The little Prince loves to watch sunsets, which at its
minor planet can be seen several times a day. One
day the little Prince flies off to explore and discover
other places of the universe.


• In the story-tale «The little Prince», Exupery advocate
kindness and humanity in a person towards all living
things: the Fox, the rose, the planet.
• Exupery said: do not only need the partings of the meeting
close hearts needed love and humanity on our so big and
at the same time, this small and fragile planet.
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