Los Angeles (city of Angels)


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Los Angeles (city of Angels)- a city in the United States in the South
of California, located on the Pacific ocean. It is the administrative
center of the County of the same name, as well as the center of
greater Los Angeles.


Until the end of the 18th century, several dozen Indian settlements were located on
the territory of modern Los Angeles, next to which the Christian mission was
established. Next to it there was a settlement of Spanish colonists, which was and
turned into the city of Los Angeles. Therefore, it is believed that the City of Angels
was founded in 1781. However, at that time in the city was part of Mexico and
became American only in 1848, after the signing of a peace treaty between the
United States and Mexico.


The population of Los Angeles is about four million people. Los
Angeles ranks as the second largest city in the nation behind New
York City, In Los Angeles there are people from about 140 countries
speaking approximately 86 different languages and currently call Los
Angeles home.


Los Angeles is the largest industrial and economic center of the Western
United States. The main industrial sectors that ensure the economic
development of the city are international trade, television and film industry,
military, aerospace, oil refining, electrical, automotive, instrument-making,
food industry.


Los Angeles spans a widely diverse geographic area. Primarily a desert basin,
the area is surrounded by the San Gabriel Mountain range and divided by the
Santa Monica Mountains. Los Angeles County has 81 miles of coastline. There
are such rivers as the Los Angeles, the Rio Hondo, the San Gabriel and the
Ventura rivers.
The climate of Los Angeles as the climate of Southern California has often been
described as «perfect» and with good reason. Mostly it is sunny and warm with
gentle ocean breezes in the summer. The humidity is low with little rain. In fact,
there are no unpleasant seasons in Los Angeles.


Nowadays the city of Los Angeles holds many distinctions. Los Angeles is the
entertainment capital of the world, a cultural centre which has more than 300
museums and a paradise of good weather.
Disneyland Park is an amusement park in the city of Anaheim (California, USA),
operated by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, a division of Walt Disney. The first of
the Walt Disney theme parks was opened on July 17, 1955, becoming the
embodiment of Walt Disney's idea of ​a park in which the world of cartoons and
fairy tales would be recreated, where everyone is interested: adults and children.


Avenue of Stars
Avenue of Stars is considered to be the most popular attraction of the city. Every
year, more than 10 million tourists stroll along the Avenue of Stars, delighted and
terribly reading the names of their idols, immortalized in the stone slabs of the
pavement to the glory of the entertainment industry. As befits any sights “with
the name”, the Avenue of Stars has a long, varied and very interesting story that
continues to take place to this day: new “stars” are laid here about twice a


Downtown a business center of Los Angeles, where on weekdays you can
watch white-collar cups with Starbucks cups, hurrying in a crowded crowd
through noisy streets, to their skyscraper office, and wander through the
empty streets like a dead quarter.


Hollywood is a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California - situated west-northwest of
Downtown Los Angeles. Due to its fame and cultural identity as the historical center of
movie studios and movie stars, the word "Hollywood" is often used as a metonymy of
American cinema, and is often interchangeably used to refer to the greater Los Angeles
area in general. The nicknames StarStruck Town and Tinseltown refer to Hollywood and its
movie industry.
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