The Russian Federation
The Coat Of Arms Of The Russian Federation
Anthem of Russia
President of Russia

The Russian Federation

1. The Russian Federation

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• Russia is a Federation-a Union state consisting of Federal units. It consists
of: Republic of Adygea, Republic of Altai, Republic of Bashkortostan,
Republic of Crimea and others.

3. “Триколор”

• Russia has a flag called the Tricolour. The name comes from the fact that the
flag has three colors: white at the top, blue in the middle and red at the
bottom. White color symbolizes the nobility and frankness; Blue color —
loyalty, honesty; Red color — courage, courage, generosity and love.

4. The Coat Of Arms Of The Russian Federation

• The emblem of Russia is a double-headed eagle, looking in different
directions, covering Europe and Asia, a symbol of the unity of these two
principles, which very accurately reflects the multinational structure of both
Byzantium and Russia. It is a symbol of unification and unity of the Russian
lands. The eagle is crowned with two small crowns and-above them-one large
crown, connected by a ribbon. In the right paw of an eagle — a scepter in
his left — power. On a breast of an eagle, in a red Board, - the silver
horseman in a blue raincoat on a silver horse striking with a silver spear of
the black dragon overturned backwards and trampled by a horse


6. Anthem of Russia

• The national anthem of the Russian Federation is one of the official state
symbols of the Russian Federation, along with the flag and coat of arms.
Music and the basis of the text were borrowed from the anthem of the
Soviet Union

7. President of Russia

• And, of course, the greatest asset of the Russian Federation is its president
Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Entered the service on December 31, 1999,
will not leave the service ever. Supreme commander-in-chief of the Armed
forces of the Russian Federation since 7 may 2000
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