Christmas for children
2. Find the words.
2. Write.
1.Listen and sing.
2. Read jokes.
Skills Time!
Wish you all the best!

Christmas for children

1. Christmas for children

2. Hello!

Dear baby!
This book is created for the most beautiful
holiday in the world-Christmas. We hope that
on these magical pages you will be able to
experience the atmosphere of the holiday!
Our team tried to make this book interesting
and exciting, so that English would be given
to you with benefit and pleasure! We wish
you all the best.
Good luck and Merry Christmas! Yo-ho-ho!


1. Listen and repeat.

4. 2. Find the words.


1. Look and repeat.

6. 2. Write.

7. 1.Listen and sing.

8. 2. Read jokes.

9. Skills Time!



12. Wish you all the best!

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