My day (phrasal verb)
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My day (phrasal verb)

1. My day (phrasal verb)

«Turan» University
My day
(phrasal verb)
Student: Baubekova Alexandra
Course: the 1st
Group: 1G-2
Specialization: translation studies
Teacher: Zatonskaya T.M.


O I get up at 5-6 a.m.
O It depens on weekday,season and other
O Sometimes I can turn off my alarm clock
and go back to sleep.


O On the weekend I can sleep for so long that
my mom has say me «WAKE UP!»
O Sometimes it is so difficult to get out of bed.
O My uncle and aunt pick me up at 7 a.m.


O Then I get ready for University.
O I stay in front the mirror for a long time ,
I dress up.


O I go to university.
O I try to come home from University as soon
as possible.


O Before I go to bed I pack up my bag and
look for my clothes for next day.
O Then I turn in.
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