The London Eye

The London eye

1. The London Eye

The London Eye has
become the most
popular paid tourist
attraction in the
United Kingdom,
visited by over three
million people in one
year. The big wheel
was built in 2000 for
the milennium


The London Eye
is a giant 135metre tall


An experience on the London Eye will lift you high
enough to see up 40 kilometers on a clear day and
keep you close enough to see the spectacular
details of the city unfolding beneath you.


The EDF Energy London Eye is
centrally located in the heart
of the capital gracefully
rotating over the River
Thames opposite the Houses
of Parliament and Big Ben. At
135 metres, the London Eye
is the world’s tallest
cantilevered observation
wheel, offering breathtaking
360 degree views of the
capital and it’s famous
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