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London Eye


London Eye


London Eye
Today, the London Eye is
recognized as the most
popular attraction in the
UK. This is not surprising.
He who dare to adventure
will 30 more minutes to
enjoy stunning views of
London from the height of
bird flight. Gothic towers
of the castle of
Westminster, the famous
big Ben, St. James Park
(St. James's Park), Charing
Cross station (Charing
Cross) station, Waterloo,


• The wheel opening
occurred on December
31, 1999, the day before
the new Millennium. Just
as the Eiffel tower, the
Eye was originally
planned as a temporary
structure with the
dismantling in 2005, but
his crazy popularity has
translated it in the
category of permanent
attractions. In 2006, he


• It is interesting that the
London Eye had a
predecessor. July 17, 1895
was the opening of the Great
Wheel (Great Wheel),
skopiowano with the Chicago
Ferris Wheel (Chicago Ferris
Wheel) and served until
1907. It reached 94 feet tall
and had a 40 specially
designed cabins, each of
which could accommodate
up to 40 people.
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