Виртуальная экскурсия в учебные заведения Англии
Cambridge University
Oxford University
Imperial College London
University of Exeter
St. Andrews University

Виртуальная экскурсия в учебные заведения Англии

1. Виртуальная экскурсия в учебные заведения Англии

Подготовила студентка
123-С группы
Кулабухова Олеся
Преподаватель Ляшко В.С.

2. План

Университет Оксфорд
Имперский колледж Лондона
Университет Эксетера
Университет Сент Эндрюс

3. Cambridge University

( lat. Universitas
Cantabrigiensis) — of the University in the
UK, one of the oldest (second after Oxford)
and the largest in the country. The official
status of the University — privileged
charitable institution (exempt charity). The
funds come from the state educational grant
(higher education funding Council),
student/graduate monetary contributions,
donations of charitable funds, the income of
the publishing house Cambridge University
press", grants from the Russell group and
some other sources. The training is paid.

4. Oxford University

University— University located in
Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK. The oldest English
speaking University in the world, as well as
the first University in the UK. Although the
exact date of Foundation of the University is
unknown, there is evidence that learning
took place there in 1096. Included in the
group of "ancient universities" great Britain
and Ireland, and also in the elite group of
"Russell" the top 20 universities in the UK.
The training is paid.

5. Imperial College London

College London— a higher education
institution in South Kensington, specialising
in science, engineering, medicine and
business.From 1907 to 2007, Imperial College
was part of the University of London. Branch
College independent institution was
dedicated to the centenary of its Foundation
took place on 8 July 2007.

6. University of Exeter

(titles of graduates and
doctors usually abbreviated as Exon., name from
the Latin Exoniensis) is a University in SouthWest England. Most of the units located in
Exeter, Devon. Is part of an elite group of
universities "Russell".The University was founded
in 1922 as the University College, University
status was received in 1955. Today, the
University is ranked 7th in the UK by the Sunday
Times University Guide and 10th in the Complete
University Guide. In the global arena Exeter is in
the top 100 universities, ranking 93-its place
according to the Times World University Ranking.

7. St. Andrews University

is the oldest
University in Scotland, the third the date of
Foundation in the UK. Founded between 1410
and 1413 for years. Located in the town of
St. Andrews, Fife region, on the North sea.
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