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Famous people of New Zealand



Most of all New Zealanders are
proud of the ingenious physicist
Ernest Rutherford – "the father of
nuclear physics" and the author of
planetary model of atom. Any
person knowing physics will tell
that Rutherford was, of course, the
British scientist. But he rightfully is
considered also the New Zealand
scientist as he was born in the small
settlement near Nelson, on the
Southern island of New Zealand


In the cinema sphere, most popular
in the world, New Zealand is
represented by such most famous
actors as Sam Neil, with his roles in
"Jurassic Park" and "Piano", and, of
course, Russell Crowe who in spite
of the fact that made the name as
the Hollywood actor living thus in
Australia after all was born in the
capital of New Zealand Wellington.


Perhaps, most of all in a film
world the native of the town
Pukarua-Baye, the director
Peter Jackson who removed
"Lord of the Rings" and "King
Kong" – a remake of the
movie of 1933 glorified New


It is necessary to mention and the
outstanding traveler climber
Edmund of Hillary, the first of
people subdued Everest in 1953.
And almost all know about Bruce
McLaren – the founder of the wellknown racing team in the Formula
One tournament –. Both of them also natives of New Zealand
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