School’s in japan
About the most important
Clubs of interests
More about clubs
A bit about rules
Holydays or time to learn more?

School’s in Japan

1. School’s in japan

Rules and students

2. About the most important

◦ Japanese children haven’t
free time, and they are the
busiest people in country.
And exams are the most
complex period in their life’s.
Also it can to coerce students
to suicide. It is the biggest
problem in Japan for the
Ministry of Education.

3. Clubs of interests

◦ What about classes and
school days, every student has
a club of interests. And school
has a lot clubs. May be in
school a standard music club,
a literature club and may be a
sport club. Every club must
have a certain amount of
students, because may be
even club of lover’s bananas.

4. More about clubs

◦ What about music clubs,
students in these clubs
can create rock-groups,
not only chorus.
◦ Sport clubs can be
different. Basketball,
football, swimming,

5. A bit about rules

◦ Most schools have a rule
about hair color and only
natural hair color is
allowed. Every school have
a uniform, and every
student most wear it.

6. Holydays or time to learn more?

◦ Holidays for schools aren’t time for relaxation. After all it is great time for study!
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