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Rinat Zaitov


Rinat Zaitov


Rinat Rifhatovich Zaitov (Kazakh Rinat Rifhatұly Zayytov, Ayagoz,
November 17, 1983.) - Kazakh bard, poet-improviser native of East
Kazakhstan region.


By profession is an
actor and a teacher of
the Kazakh language
and literature. Since
2001, he participated
and became the
winner of the sets
aitys. Rinat Zaitov is
the author of many
popular songs the
words in the Kazakh


Rinat Zaitov born November 17,
1983 in the town Ayaguz East
Kazakhstan region in the family
Rifkhat Zaituly. His father
divorced his mother Rinat, when
he was 13 years and now works as
the director of a school Aiaguz
[1]. Rinat graduated from the
College of Music named after M.
Tulebaev profession "actor drama
theater." Then he entered the
State Pedagogical Institute in
Semey (formerly. Semipalatinsk)
and trained as a teacher of the
Kazakh language and literature


During aitys on "Tәuelsіz eldin zharyқ tany", held from 2 to 4 December 2011 in
Astana, Rinat Zaitov competed with the Kyrgyz poet-improviser Aaly



Rinat Zaitov worked in the theater Semey youth [1], participated in aitys to
17 years of age (2001) [3] and has been the winner of many competitions. He
is the author of the words of many popular songs in the Kazakh like "Іzіn
kөrem" with which Zhanar Dugalova won the Turkvision 2014 [4], "Tugan jer"
group KeshYou "Tәttіmsің" singer Berkut, "From on Zhanar" Beibit Corgan,
etc. .
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