My hobby
everybody needs a hobby
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My hobby

1. My hobby


Usually people choose hobbies
according to their interests. Some
people are fond of collecting
different things. They collect
coins, postcards, toys, objects of
art and stamps. I have a friend
Victor. Collecting coins is his
hobby. He is a numismatist and her
collection includes about 100
different coins. Others like to draw
pictures or they are fond of
singing. Thus, everything depends
on person.

3. everybody needs a hobby


As far as my interests are concerned, my favorite
occupation is reading. I like to read story books,
detectives, historical books and any kind of material
that I find interesting. I like to read because my
grandmother always read me some fairy tales and stories
during my childhood. When I was about 10 my parents
always bought me books to read. They always told me
that habit of reading is one of the best traits that a man
can boast. Now I read about anything that is available.


Probably everyone can answer the question of what he reads? For
some it is pleasure, for whom the book — a source of knowledge,
someone reads to pass the time, for example, in the road. Paper
books today pushed the latest technologies — e-books. But the
essence remains the same. The book is still read, and continue to be
born people who read from the cradle and those who do not read.
Strange, but the fact remains. It often happens that in a family
children grow up with a completely different attitude to reading.
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