My hobbies
My first hobby is listening to music
My second hobby is playing computer games
In conclusion
Thanks you fortnite attention!
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My hobbies

1. My hobbies


Many people have a hobby. They make our life more interesting. Some people
like to draw, others like to read books. Some people like to collect stamps,
other like cooking. Simply put, a hobby is a matter of taste.

3. My first hobby is listening to music

• My first hobby is listening to music. There are many things, and
not only material, without which a person cannot imagine his life.
For me, one of these things is music. When I put on my
headphones, I dive into the other world


• I listen to music of various genres. Music helps me to
relax and think about important things. My favorite
groups are: Nirvana, Arctic Monkeys, and Pink Floyd

5. My second hobby is playing computer games

• Playing computer games is very interesting, especially when you play online
games such as DOTA 2, Battlefield , Counter Strike, Fortnite and others


• With the help of games you can find friends and have fun with
them. And to find a friend is not difficult, because every day
millions of people play games at the same time.

7. In conclusion

• I would like to say that hobbies are very useful and
interesting. People should have hobbies and enjoy life. I
hope you will agree with me.

8. Thanks you fortnite attention!

Thanks you for attention!
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