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My dream house


My dream house


My dream house is a two
storey detached house.


This is my bedroom. It is very big and bright.
There is a big bed near the wall, a
lamp near my bed.


This is my living room
There is a big white sofa.There are violet pillows
on the sofa. There is a furry white carpet on the
floor. There is a picture over the sofa. There are
white curtains on the windows. My living room is
cozy and bright.


This is my kitchen
There is a modern kitchen set in my kitchen.
There are shelves, cupboards, a sink, a
microwave oven, an oven.


This is my bathroom
There is a toilet pan, a
bath, a shower, a sink and
a mirror in my bathroom.


This is my dining room
There are seven chairs around the table. There is a
dig windows.There is a Persian carpet on the floor.


This is my swimming pool. You can swim in it
and sunbathe nearby.
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