Speaking about films
Try to make up a dialogue using a model:
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Speaking about films

1. Speaking about films

Борзых М.В.,
английского языка
МОБУ СОШ №1 с.Ивановка


Do you like to watch films?
Where do you like to watch them on TV
or you like to go to the cinema?
With whom do you prefer to watch films
with your parents or with your friends?
How many films do you watch a week ?

3. Try to make up a dialogue using a model:

What films do you like?
I like love stories. And you?
What films you don’t like? As for
me, I don’t like horror films.
- …


I like to …
I prefer ….
My favourite actor (actress) is …
My favourite film is …
The film is about ….
The roles are played by …
The scene is set in ….
It’s worth seeing/ watching.
The film teaches you to….
It’s ….
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