Муниципальное Бюджетное Общеобразовательное учреждение «Средняя общеобразовательная школа № 34 с углубленным изучением
Mickey Mouse and other
"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" and "Pinocchio"
Honors and Awards
Cinderella and other cartoons

Walt Disney

1. Муниципальное Бюджетное Общеобразовательное учреждение «Средняя общеобразовательная школа № 34 с углубленным изучением

На тему: «Walt Disney»
Хорина Анжелика
ученица 9 «Г»
Мелихова Л. В.
Старый Оскол 2013 г.


Walt Disney
American animator, director,
actor, writer and producer,
founder of «Walt Disney
Productions», which by now
has become a multi-media
empire «The Walt Disney
Is the creator of the first in the history of cinema sound,
music, and a full-length animated films. During his
extraordinarily busy life as Walt Disney director made 111
films and produced the more 576 films. Disney's
outstanding achievements in the field of cinema marked 26
statuettes of "Oscar" and the name of Irving Thalberg award,
which has the status of "Oscar", as well as many other
awards and accolades. ".

3. Mickey Mouse and other

In 1927, the huge popularity to the film "Rabbit Oswald,"
and his hero opens a gallery of famous characters from
Disney films. Mickey's a mouse, portrayed Ab Ayverks, first
name was Mortimer, but he soon got a name now well
known all over the world. Mickey Mouse first appeared in
the silent film "Mad airplane" (1928), and in the same year he
became a hero and the first sound film of Disney - "steamer
Willie" (the first in the history of cartoon film with
synchronized sound). In the first tape Disney himself voiced
little mouse, and soon the film director opened the road to
In 1929, Disney began work on the series "Naive
Symphony", and in 1938 took more than 70 series, including
"Dancing Skeletons" (1929), "The Ugly Duckling" (1932),
"Three Little Pigs" (1933). In these films, there are dog Pluto
(1930), dog Goofy (1932), as well as Donald Duck Duck

4. "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" and "Pinocchio"

When Disney was 14 years old and he worked part time selling
newspapers in Kansas City, he saw a short silent cartoon of Snow
White, which he will remember for a lifetime. In autumn 1934 Disney
made the first sketch of a script based on the Grimm's fairy tales. On
the latest version of this script with Disney work of several people,
including Otto Inglandera, Earl Hardy and Ted Sears. December 21,
1937 on the screens of America was first shown full-length animated
Disney film "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," the tale by the
Brothers Grimm. "Snow White" Disney has brought great success:
popularity, eight million dollars in revenue and rave reviews in the
professional press.
Soon, new full-length movies. "Pinocchio" (1940) on the story by
Italian author Carlo Collodi ΧΙΧ century audience was welcomed
with enthusiasm, which is shared by its critics. The success was a
result of the titanic work: to better draw the scene when Pinocchio
tries to escape from the whale, the artists have long studied the habits
and movements of these whales. The music for this film, sponsored
by Lee Harlayn, Paul Smith and Ned Washington, was awarded the
"Oscar". Was also highlighted song «When you wish upon a star»
(music to the words of Lee Harlayna Ned Washington).

5. Filmography

1923 —Alice’s Wonderland
1924 —Alice’s Spooky Adventure
1924 —Alice’s Wild West Show
1924 —Alice’s Fishy Story
1924 —Alice and the Dog Catcher
1924 —Alice the Peacemaker
1924 — Alice Gets in Dutch
1924 —Alice Hunting in Africa
1924 —Alice and the Three Bears
1924 —Alice the Piper
1925 —Alice Cans the Cannibals
1925 —Alice the Toreador
1925 —Alice Gets Stung
1925 —Alice Solves the Puzzle
1925 —Alice’s Egg Plant
1925 —Alice Loses Out
1925 —Alice Is Stage Struck
1925 —Alice Wins the Derby
1925 —Alice Picks the Champ
1925 —Alice’s Tin Pony
1925 — /Alice Chops the Suey
1925 — /Alice the Jail Bird
1925 — /Alice Plays Cupid
1925 — /Alice Rattled by Rats
1925 —Alice in the Jungle
1926 —Alice on the Farm
1926 — /Alice’s Balloon Race
1926 —Alice’s Little Parade
1926 — /Alice’s Mysterious Mystery
1926 —Alice’s Orphan

6. Honors and Awards

Film award "Oscar"
"Golden Globe"
Golden screen
David di Donatello

7. Cinderella and other cartoons

In 1950, Disney created a hand-drawn version of the
modest girl, who with the help of the good fairy bride
becomes a handsome prince. Director of the film
"Cinderella" were Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Lasky and
Clyde Geronimi. Among the notable scenes is called that
when mice are pushing a huge pumpkin turn into
magnificent horses harnessed to the carriage, and the
Fairy Godmother transforms Cinderella's rags into a ball
gown. For technical prowess film at the Berlin Film
Festival, was awarded the "Golden Bear" and Cinderella
has appeared on T-shirts, bed linens and scarves in many
countries around the world.
Directors, who shot "Cinderella", created in 1953, and the
animated feature "Peter Pan" on the book by Sir James
Barrie. It was followed by such notable films as "Lady and
the Tramp" (1955), "The Sleeping Beauty" (1959) and "One
hundred and one Dalmatians" (1961), which became a
classic animated film.


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