Walt Disney
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Walt Disney

1. Walt Disney


Walt Disney: biography
Walt Disney
Date of birth: December 5,
Age: 65 years
Date of death: December 15,
Birthplace: Chicago, USA
Activity: animator, film
director, screenwriter,
Walt Disney is the American animator and the film director, the
founder of Walt Disney Productions studio which at the moment
turned into the powerful multimedia empire of "The Walt Disney
Company". Disney is the first author of sound animated films.
For the career he shot more than 100 films for which he 26 times
won a figurine the Oscar and also was an owner of several tens
other prestigious film awards.


Animated films
The first author's character who was created by Disney was
the rabbit Oswald about whom animated film appeared in 1927
and became very popular. And the legendary little mouse
appeared in a year in the movie "Mad Airplane", and at first he
was called Mortimer.
Later success was supported with other feature animation
films - Pinocchio, Dambo, "Bambi", "Cinderella", "101
dalmatians" and many others. The story about Mowgli "the
Book of the Jungle" became the last animated cartoon which
left during lifetime of Walt Disney. After his death other artists
ended the movie "Cats aristocrats".


Once Walt Disney thought of creation
of the special place for children
where they could have a good time
and spend time together with
parents in an environment of
favourite animated characters.
In 1953 he at last persuaded to sell
17 families to him the land and in 50
kilometers from Los Angeles .
Opening of the park took place in
two years and now it is world famous
as Disneyland.


1922-1927 — "Alice's Adventures"
1927 — "The Rabbit Oswald"
1928 — "Parokhodik Willie"
1937 — "The Snow White and
seven gnomes"
1940 — Pinocchio
1940 — "Imagination"
1941 — Dambo
1942 — "Bambi"
1950 — "Cinderella"
1951 — "Alice in Wonderland"
1953 — Peter Pan
1959 — "Sleeping Beauty"
1961 — "Hundred one dalmatians"
1963 — "A sword in a stone"
1966 — "The book of the jungle"
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