British fashion



England - the country, the mention of
which is associated with the concept “tradition", "foundations", "quality", and
commonly referred to as "old and
good", today is the style and creates
modern fashion trends.


London - one of the main cities in the world where
fashion is born.
Many streets of London ancient traditions live together
with trendy trends, here is the place for conservative and
reserved for the classics and for the most unexpected
and bizarre innovative ideas.


Epochs and styles, interacting with each other,
creating the very famous English street fashion for which the inherent
desire for individuality,
originality and looseness, coupled with an absolute tolerance.
The clothes from England you can combine everything that comes to
mind! Appearance - this is a private matter. Nobody will inspect and
whisper behind your back.


People are used to the fact that
in England thriving fashion
industry,which is create and sell
a variety of things, and of
sufficient quality, so the attitude
to the clothes they are more than


In the late 18th century London was the capital of men's fashion.
The bourgeoisie has created the light classics - coats, frock,
leather briefcases, and of course, hats. The famous dandy was
one of the first who began to set the tone for the high society.
Combination of classical and avant-garde turned male English
casual clothes in trend. Eg English brand Gloverall now produces
now the classic military officers dafla that is still very popular. But
there is a constant English classics in the flesh. That will not
change any age or style. This Burberry: the world-famous cell that
does not rest either male or female part of the world. In most
cases, a classic in England now - this is no experiment. Neither
the color nor the cut. Suit or a sweater under the neck, pants with
arrows, coats and sometimes - an umbrella.


Once the favorite pastime was hunting the English aristocracy.
I think you do not need to tell you that it is very energy-intensive, so the clothing
should be comfortable and practical. Walk in with anything aristocrat ought not,
therefore, have had to adapt suburban entertainment urban clothing. Prim jacket
was too long for riding - it was shortened and turned into a frock. The same thing
happened with a shirt - it is more voluminous. Such clothing gave much more
freedom of movement.
Pants also became narrower and more practical. British Isles did not act like a
lush fashion, coming from France, and changed all their own way with their
usual uporstvomTsveta clothes were kept –
then bright chemical dyes have not been,
designers used natural fabrics natural shades.
The use of black in the locker room is a tribute
to the practicality of a gentleman (the English
in general are very practical.)


But there is another side to the English men's fashion. Following the classic
vintage appeared. He burst into fashion in the mid-20th century so rapidly
that virtually all collections of famous designers included elements of vintage
fashion (see photo gallery). Love for all things vintage - an attempt to revive
the trend of previous years: excessive waist, colorful shirt and moccasins
worn briefcases straight from the 60's. English dandies set an example
around the world, taking the habit of going for shopping is not shopping
malls, flea markets in Portobello and Kemdone. Top designers often visit
such markets.
Dndi that were in the 19th century and remained in London and in the 21st
Slightly modified appearance: it is now cuffed shorts or pants with perfect
hands and slightly shorter, or colored plaid shirt, sunglasses Ray Ban, with
blind black lenses, coat or cape, or a classic leather jacket, leather jackets,
old school shoes or moccasins. Wardrobe modern dandy - a trendsetter - can
be replenished depending on the popularity of a particular era: punk, rave,
house, techno - it's the 80's and 90's, David Bowie - this is the 70's, David
Niven - 40 th , James Dean, 50's, The Beatles - 60th.



But there is a "boundary" in the style of English fashion.
If you do not like classical or extravagant vintage, in Britain there is casual. He
is far from the fashion trends and is designed for the half of the English and
their followers, who preferred fashion comfort. Sports bags, jeans, sweaters
and pullovers - the theater, the museum, for a run. These Brits look back in
disgust at trendy flea flea and sadly look like a young man with a bright bow tie
instead of a classic paces on Piccadilly.


Surely, you think that the British
fashion prim.
But this is misleading.
Britain is still one of the major


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