The United States of America

The USA geography physical features

1. The United States of America

Geographical position and
physical features


United States
The United States of America (the USA) is situated in
the central and southern part of North America.


49° NL
25° NL
The United States occupy a large territory
between 49 and 25 North Latitude.


The USA is washed by the Atlantic Ocean in the east and by the
Pacific Ocean in the west. In the north the USA borders on
Canada and in the south - on Mexico.


The United States is the world's third largest nation by total
area (land and water), ranking behind Russia and Canada. The
land area of the United States is about 770 million hectares.


State of Alaska map
Alaska, separated from the contiguous United States by
Canada, is the largest state at 150 million hectares.


Satellite image showing topography of the contiguous US
The country is crossed by the mountain
ranges from the north to the south.


The Rocky Mountains,
about 3,000 miles in
length, extend from
the U.S State of New
Mexico up through the
western United States
and on.
The Appalachians,
about 1,500 miles in
length, extend from
central Alabama in the
U.S. up through the
New England states.


Central Plain
(Great Plains)
The Great Plains of North America, often called the Middle
West, slope east from the Rockies and extend to the edge of the
Canadian Shield and the western edges of the Appalachians.


The United States, with its large size and geographic variety,
includes various climate types. The climate ranges from humid
continental in the north to humid subtropical in the south.


The Great Plains west of the 100th meridian are semi-arid. It’s the
major agricultural area. It is nicknamed “America's breadbasket”.


Alpine Meadows, California
Much of the Western mountains are alpine.


Great Basin National Park, White Pine County, Nevada
The climate is arid in the Great Basin,


New Mexico typical scenery
it is desert in the Southwest,


Pacific coast, California
The climate is mediterranean in coastal California.


The Great Lakes region
shown in red.
The northern part
of the USA
embraces the
region of the five
Great Lakes.
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