Auto mechanic
The history of the profession:
What you should know and be able to:
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My profession is an auto mechanic. Professional skills


My profession is
an auto mechanic.
Professional skills.

2. Auto mechanic

- it is a
working generalist who
performs maintenance
and repair of motor
vehicles, controls the
technical condition of
vehicles using the
diagnostic equipment
and instruments,
controls motor vehicles.

3. The history of the profession:

First mechanics appeared in the middle
18th century in countries where previously there was
transport capable of moving
yourself. Since then, self-propelled
mechanisms are constantly changed and improved.
But any mechanism necessary and timely care
repair, so needed special education and
well versed in the design of the car people. So there
was a car mechanic profession.

4. What you should know and be able to:

Car mechanic - car repair specialist
for technical maintenance of various
machines, detailed knowledge of
their device.
He must know the internal combustion
engine, the vehicle's electrical devices
must be able to disassemble and
assemble components and assemblies
of the car; diagnose the car and its
components using the diagnostic
equipment; adjust mechanisms, parts,


Mechanic work
associated with high
physical activity, so it is
not recommended for
people suffering from
diseases of the
musculoskeletal system,
cardiovascular and
nervous system.


Through the life of the car mechanic is greatly
increased, which in turn reduces the risk of
accidents and ensures the safety of the driver
on the road.

7. Answer the questions

Who is an auto mechanic?
When and how did the profession of car
mechanic appear?
What should a car mechanic know and be able
to do?
What people are not recommended to work as
a car mechanic?
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