My future profession electrician.
Why I decided to become one?
What do electrician?
The demand for this profession
What education do you need?
Job duties

My future profession electrician

1. My future profession electrician.


2. Why I decided to become one?

decided to go to study to be an
electrician, because this work is very
interesting, but not simple. She is very
entertaining and requires knowledge.

3. What do electrician?

Electrician for repair and
maintenance of
electrical equipment —
profession working in the
fields of electrical and
energy involved in the
maintenance or repair of
electrical equipment and
electrical circuits.

4. The demand for this profession

Enough demandRepresentatives of the profession of Electrician
are quite in demand in the labour market. Despite the fact that
higher education institutions produce a large number of
specialists in this field, many companies and in many enterprises
require skilled Electricians.
as the user evaluates this criterion:
0% -little demand
80% - enough demand
20% - very popular

5. What education do you need?

In order to work in the profession of the Electrician,
do not necessarily have higher professional
education in the relevant specialty. For this
profession sufficient to have a diploma of
secondary vocational education received in College
or technical school, or, for example, is enough to
finish special courses.
0% -secondary education (school)
0% -initial professional education (PTU, PU,PL)
80%- vocational secondary education
(College,technical school)
20% -higher professional education
0% -more than two

6. Job duties

Job duties of an electrician vary depending on the category of
specialist. Electrician 2-3 washes discharge details performs
cleaning of contacts. Experts 4-5 discharge are more complex,
responsible work. They diagnose mechanical and electrical
diagrams of apparatus, devices, if necessary, eliminate faults.
Preparation of drawings and sketches also in their competence.
The profession is divided into more than 30 specialties,
responsibilities depend on the specifics of specific areas and
types of production. Disassembly and Assembly, adjustment and
repair, maintenance of various devices, apparatus, circuits,
devices, components – are common to all electricians function.
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