My best friend
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My best friend

1. My best friend


Friendship is one of the best things in
life. Everybody needs a good friend’s
shoulder to cry on, or simply someone to
share the joys and sorrows with. It isn’t
easy to find faithful and caring friends
But I was lucky,I found a friend,her name
is Lena.


She has brown shoulder length
hair,almond-shaped gray eyes and pretty
She has a very good character, she is
funny and easy to communicate.
She loves to read manga,and listen to
She dances well,so it is flexible.



Lena and me friends with first class and
since stick together.


Her quality of each friends:
-The ability to listen.
I can discus everything with my best friend.
When I walk into a room, she knows exactly
what mood I’m in, what i need. If I ask for help or
advice, she will give me help hand immediately
and never leaves me at loss.


I hope that we will stay true friends for a
lifetime or at least for a very long time. My
mum often tells me that friendship is like a
tree. It means that under good conditions it
will grow and become rather strong. As the
years pass, the tree can stand firmer and
firmer on the ground. The same happens
with a long-term friendship. To form a
strong union of friends one should give
lots of love, patience, understanding and
care. This way, true friendship can survive
any difficulties.
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