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How to Write an Essay


How to Write an Essay


В задании С2 в ЕГЭ по английскому языку нужно написать
сочинение с элементами рассуждения по данному
высказыванию. Выполнить это задание не будет сложно, если
вы будете придерживаться представленных ниже советов.
Используйте формальный стиль письма:
не пользуйтесь сокращениями (don’t, can’t, it’s),
не используйте скобки или восклицательные знаки и
риторические вопросы — это свойственно неформальному
стилю письма;
не начинайте предложения со слов and, but или also; в не
употребляйте вводные слова, характерные для
неформального стиля (well, to tell the truth и др.);
избегайте слишком простых предложений; объединяйте их в
сложные, используя логические средства связи.
Запятыми выделяйте вводные слова, используйте при
перечислении и в условных предложениях.


Use the following plan:
- make an introduction (state the problem)
- express your personal opinion and give 2–3
reasons for your opinion
- express an opposing opinion and give 1–2 reasons
for this opposing opinion
- explain why you don’t agree with the opposing
- make a conclusion restating your position


Distance learning is the
best form of education.
What is your opinion? Do you agree
with this statement?
Comment on the following statement


Обозначение проблемы.
1. Nowadays,… the problem of… causes great
argument and controversy. In today’s world,…
the issue of…
Комментарий к проблеме. Some people believe
that… while others think…


make an introduction (state the
Nowadays some modern
technologies give us opportunities
to study from home. Some people
think this way of learning has a lot
of advantages while others claim it
is a waste of time.


Ваша позиция
2. Выразите мнение на тему поставленного
вопроса и объясните, почему вы считаете
именно так, а не иначе. Подкрепите точку
зрения 2-3 вескими аргументами. In my opinion,
As for me, I believe that… My personal view is
that… Первый аргумент. To begin with, To start
with, Firstly, Второй аргумент. What is more,
Secondly, Третий аргумент. Finally, Additionally,


express your personal opinion and give 2–3
reasons for your opinion
2. In my opinion, it is really wonderful to stay at home
and study remotely. First of all, you can choose any
program you like and use lots of different sources to get
information sitting at your desk in your room. Secondly, you
do not have to spend your time or money on your way to
school. By the way, now it is quite dangerous to go out
because of coronavirus. So, you can save your health too.
Finally, you can plan your day according to your
biological rhythms and taste. You can get up when you
want, have meal when you are really hungry and do it in a
pleasant relaxing atmosphere. Nobody will disturb you.


3 Противоположная позиция
Укажите другие точки зрения и приведите 1-2
аргумента в пользу этого мнения. However,
there exists another point of view on this issue.
Nevertheless, one can consider this problem
from another angle. Первый аргумент. First of
all, The first thing to be considered is Второй
аргумент. Another fact is that… Besides.


3. express an opposing opinion and give 1–
2 reasons for this opposing opinion
Nevertheless, some people think different.
They are sure, lots of students are not able to
make themselves study at home or to follow
the timetable. It is almost impossible to
concentrate when there are so many
interesting activities around. Besides, you
have no one to help or to support. Your life
can be really lonely.


4 Ваше несогласие с противоположной
Объясните несовпадение вашей точки зрения
с противоположными, объясните причины и
докажите правильность вашего мнения.
Первый контраргумент. Despite my respect for
this opinion, I cannot share it because…
Nevertheless, I cannot agree with this statement,
because… Второй контраргумент. Moreover,
one should not ignore the fact that…Finally,.


4. explain why you don’t agree with the
opposing opinion
I cannot fully agree with this opinion. I
am convinced that people who
cannot force themselves to study at
home do not usually do it at school
too. As for friends and their support,
you can communicate with them any
time using internet or your phone.


5 Заключение
Еще раз вспомните все мнения, которые вы
отметили в тексте, подведите логичный итог
рассуждения. Вывод. In conclusion, I would
like to say that the problem of… is still to be
discussed. Taking into consideration all
mentioned above, I would like to say that… It is
important to understand…


make a conclusion restating your position
All in all, I strongly believe that
distance learning is the best form
of education and we have a
chance to use all modern
inventions to make our life better.
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