Sports facilities in Kazan


Sports facilities in Kazan
Maid by Shaidullina Zilya
Teacher: Malova L.R.


64 facilities will be used to host the 2013 World
summer student games in Kazan. Of these, 36
will be built specifically for the 2013
Universiade. As part of the preparation for the
Games, the construction of sports facilities at
universities is underway, which will become the
basis for the development of student sports. In
total, 11 objects will be transferred to Kazan
universities. Taking into account the active
construction of sports infrastructure in the
capital of Tatarstan, the Volga state Academy of
physical culture, sports and tourism was
established. It will be responsible for 7 major
sports facilities and part of the Universiade
Village complex.


Palace of water sports


The water sports Palace is a large indoor sports facility in Kazan. One of the few
and largest of its kind in Russia, the Palace is designed for training and
competitions in water sports (aquatics), but it can also be used as a universal
sports Palace. It is a competitive arena of the 2015 world aquatics
Championships and one of the most important venues of the 2013 summer
Universiade in the sports of swimming, diving, synchronized swimming. It is
located in the middle of the city, in the South-Eastern part of the NovoSavinovsky district, on the Bank of the Kazanka river, at the end of
Chistopolskaya street, near two other major Universiade venues — the football
stadium and the AK bars martial arts Palace. The Palace provides a children's and
youth sports school for specialized sports. Designed by SPEECH architectural
workshop, which won the design competition together with Arup and PSO Kazan.
It has unique arch-arc ceilings made of specially treated reinforced wood and a
large area of glazing for natural daylight. Construction began in November 2009
and is being completed in early 2012.
Сapacity: 4,200 spectators.
Two pools of 50x25 meters each (for swimming and
water Polo) and one of 33.3x25 meters (for diving and
synchronized swimming tournaments).


The Kazan tennis Academy


The tennis Academy is one of the first sports facilities of the
2013 Universiade that opened its doors to Kazan residents. The
complex covers an area of 8.5 hectares. The complex has 8
indoor tennis courts with sliding bleachers and 18 outdoor ones.
3,000 spectators can watch the game in the stands of the main
open court, and another 1,000 can watch it in the small stand.
19.5 thousand square meters is occupied by the building of the
tennis Academy, on this area there are 8 courts in training mode
with sliding stands. 3,200 spectators can watch the game on the
main arena, and another 400 – on the second during the
competition. Tennis and badminton competitions will be held
here during the 2013 World summer student games.


Tezuche universal sports complex


Sports complex of Kazan state
University of architecture and Civil
engineering "Tezuche", one of the 7
sports facilities that were opened on
may 5, 2010 by Russian Prime Minister
Vladimir Putin. The total area of the
complex is 5333 square meters. The
sports complex has a sports hall, a gym,
halls for wrestling, weightlifting and
aerobics, as well as medical and
administrative blocks. During the World
summer student games, the sports
complex will host training sessions for
national volleyball teams.


AK Bars Arena


AK bars arena (until November 7, 2019 — Kazan arena) is a universal football
stadium in the city of Kazan. One of the most spacious stadiums in Russia,
designed for 45,379 people. Home arena of the Kazan football club "Rubin".
Stadium of the highest fourth category of UEFA. The stadium is a
multifunctional complex designed for holding not only football matches, but
also other sporting events, as well as entertainment shows and concerts,
cultural events.The construction of the stadium began in 2010; commissioned,
he was in may 2013[1]. 7 Nov 2019 under a long-term partnership agreement
concluded with the Bank "AK bars", the stadium was renamed the "AK bars
arena".At the stadium was held the ceremony of opening and closing of the
XXVII world summer Universiade in Kazan and the opening ceremony of the
world championship WorldSkills 2019. The stadium also hosted the 2015 FINA
world aquatics Championships, the 2017 confederations Cup and the 2018 FIFA
world Cup matches
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