Private school in UK


Private school in UK


Private education in the UK has a long history. Back
in the 17th century, it was considered the norm for
girls to receive a private home education. In the
future, English society came to the idea that for
children it will be more beneficial in socialization and
collective learning.


Today, education in private schools in England is
considered very prestigious and popular. It certainly
ceased to have a strong religious connotation, but it
did not cease to exist under the tutelage of the Catholic
Church. Most private schools are based at temples.


There are important reasons why the British prefer to send their children to
private schools:
- Deeper and more systematic education. In private schools more
subjects are taught, each subject is considered more deeply.
- Individual approach to training. Since there are fewer children in the
classrooms than in regular schools, the teaching is practically individual.
Each child is given close attention. Here, the more intelligent will always
be given additional material, and the laggards will be helped to catch up
with the excellent students.
- In private schools, they pay attention to the development of the child's
creative potential, as well as instill a love for sports and an active lifestyle.
- Аnd many other reasons.


One of these schools is Eton College. This is a private
school for boys. The school was founded in 1440 by King
Henry VI. The monarch wanted to provide 70 talented boys
with free education, so that they would subsequently enter
King's College, Cambridge, which opened a year later. The
incentive system created in the 18th century continues to
operate here, and the school constitution with the internal
laws spelled out in it, and 60-100 college graduates still
enter Oxford or Cambridge every year.


According to Eton's rules, all college students must reside
on its premises. Each Etonite gets a private room. The
beginner is settled in one of 50 houses, in which he will
live until the end of the education.Half of the houses have
a cafeteria and a separate cook, the other half of the
students eat in the central dining room.
Life in Eton College is scheduled literally by the minute: at
7.30 the boys get up, after which they have breakfast and
go to morning prayer in the chapel. Then lessons begin,
and they last until dinner. After that - evening prayer and
going to bed at 21.30. Boys wear uniforms: a black
tailcoat, vest, white bow tie or tie, striped trousers.


19 British Prime Ministers, Princes William and Harry, writers
Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, Ian Fleming graduated from this
The cost of such education costs 12,910 pounds per term.


In conclusion, I would like to say education in private schools in the
UK is considered the best in the world. It consists of two pillars:
tradition and innovative technology. Educational programs are
being improved, and the quality of work of schools and universities
is controlled by the state. Loyalty to tradition, a high level of training
of the teaching staff and the use of modern methods make English
education one of the best. Of course, it has disadvantages, one of
which is its high cost. But thousands of applicants are ready to pay
big money for education, because many doors are open to the
holder of a British diploma.


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