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Let`s celebrate


Let`s celebrate
Прочитайте и выучите фразы и
Названия праздников ( 2-4 слайды)
Выполните упражнение 1.3 стр.48
Прочитайте информацию о праздниках
Выучите описание одного из
праздников и пришлите видео.



• celebrationпраздник
• take pictures- фотографировать
• wear costume- носить костюм
• exchange gifts- обмениваться подарками
• hold balloons- держать шары
• make wreaths- делать венки
• offer flowers and treats- предлагать цветы или
• eat traditional food- есть национальное блюдо
• watch paradesсмотреть парады
• watch a firework display- смотреть фейейверк
• throw streamers- бросать серпантин
• toffee appleяблоко в карамельной глазури
• perform tricksпоказывать фокусы


• Christmas
• New Year`s Day
• St. Valentine’s day
• Mother’s day
• Easter
• Father’s day
Teacher`s Day
• April Fool’s Day
• May Day
• Victory day
• Maslenitsa


Student`s book p. 48 ex.1
• St Patrick`s Day – watch parades
• Thanksgiving- eat traditional food
• Guy Fawkes Day- watch a firework display
• St. Valentine’s day – exchange gifts, offer
sweet and flowers
• Halloween- wear costumes
• May Day- make wreaths


St. Patrick`s Day
The 17th of March is a
national holiday in Ireland
– St. Patrick’s day. On that
day people wear a
shamrock. A shamrock is
a plant with three leaves.
It is the national symbol of
St. Patrick was the patron
saint and national apostle of
Ireland. He had wonderful
power. He cleared Ireland
of snakes.


• St. Patrick's Day is
celebrated in big
cities and small towns
with parades, music
and songs, Irish food
and drink, and
activities for kids
such as crafts,
coloring and games.
Its a time for fun. As
it was a religious
holiday, a lot of
people attend church


Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving Day is
celebrated on 4th
Thursday of November.
It`s national and family
holiday. The first
Europeans on American
land wanted to thank God
and the Native Americans
for their help during their
first winter which was
cold and hungry. People
thank God that they
have enough food.
Traditional food – turkey,
mashed potatoes,
pumpkin pie.


Guy Fawkes Day
On that day, in 1605, Guy
Fawkes planned to blow up
the Houses of Parliament
and kill King James I. He
didn`t succeed. The King`s
men found the bomb, took
Guy Fawkes to the Tower
and cut off his head, Since
that day The British
celebrate the 5th of
November. They burn a
dummy (чучело), made of
straw and old clothes, on a
fire and let off fireworks
(устраивать фейерверк).
This dummy is called a
“guy” (like Guy Fawkes).


Halloween is a holiday
that is on October 31st .
The symbol of this
is a pumpkin. A pumpkin
is cut like a face and a
candle is put inside of it.
So it looks like a face
with burning eyes.
Usually people dress in
colorful costumes of
witches and masks and
go to fancy parties.


People once believed
that there were many
ghosts and witches on
the Earth and that they
met on October 31 to
worship( преклоняться)
the devil. Today people
do not believe in ghosts
and witches but they like
to tell stories about them
on Halloween.


Look at the screen and translate the words and word
expressions from the dialogue.
It sounds as if everyone is having
a great time.
Кажется, все хорошо
проводят время!
A gang of a ten-year-olds
Компания (тусовка)
Witch costume
He’s terrifying everyone
Are you bobbing for apples?
Костюм ведьмы
The apples are nearly all gone
Он всех ввергает в ужас
Вы откусываете яблоко без
помощи рук (игра)?
Яблоки почти
Can you help me clean up?
Ты поможешь мне с
I would do anything for a toffee
Ради яблок в сиропе я
готов на всё!


Read and decide if these statements are T (true) or F
(false). Correct the false ones:
• Tess is having a great time. T
• Nobody is wearing costumes. F
• Chris is wearing a spaceman costume. F
• Tess is wearing her witch costume. T
• Children are playing bobbing for apples. F
• Children are eating a pumpkin pie and
toffee apples. F
• Pete would do anything for a pumpkin. F
• Tess didn`t invite Pete. F


Come to the carnival


Your homework:
Выучить текст о
празднике ( из урока)
и прислать видео
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