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Special Questions / Wh-questions


Special Questions
Family Members


Special Questions / Wh-questions – Арнайы сұрақтар
What (Уат) Who (Хіу) Where (Уэр) Why (Уай) When (Уэн) Whose (Хуіз) Which (Уйч) How (Хіәу) How many (Хіәу мэни) How much (Хіәу мач) -


Special Questions / Wh-questions – Арнайы сұрақтар
What – не?
Who - Кім?
Where – Қайда?
Why – Неге?
When – Қашан?
Whose – Кімнің?
Which – Қайсысы?
How – Қалай?
How many - қанша? (саналатын заттар)
How much – қанша? (саналмайтын заттар)
Wh question + to be(am,is,are)+Subject+Object?
What is your hobby? My hobby is tennis.
Who is Adil? He is my friend.
Where are you from? I am from Germany.
Why is this room cold?
When is her birthday?
Whose is this phone?
Which is their house?
How is your school?
How many pupils are absent today?
How much is this?
Special Questions – әрқашан сөйлемнің басына қойылады!


1. Олардың жасы нешеде? – How old are they?
2. Мынау кімнің кілті? Whose is this key?
3. Сенің ағылшын сабағың қашан болады? When is your English level?
1. Мынау не? What is this?
2. Неге мына бөлме жарық? Why is this room light?
3. Оның күйеуі кім? – Who is his husband?
1. Жұмысың қалай? – How is your job?
2. Мына терезе қанша тұрады? – How much is this window?
3. Олардың ата аналары қайда? – Where are their parents?
1. Сенің ағылшын деңгейің қандай? – What is your English level?
2. Сенің туысқандарың қайда? – Where is your relatives?
3. Оның туған күні қашан? – When is his birthday?
1. Біздің бөлме неге ыстық? – Why is our room hot?
2. Қайсысы менің сөмкем? – Which is my bag?
3. Бүгін сабақта неше оқушы жоқ? – How many pupils are absent today?
1. Қайсысы сенің ұлың? – Which is your son?
2. Ата анаң қалай? – How is your parents?
3. Менің күртешем қайда? – Where is my coat?


Family - Отбасы
Husband – Күйеуі
Wife – әйелі
Mother – Ана
Father – Әке
Son – Ұлы
Daughter – Қызы
Brother – Аға
Sister – Әпке
Grandmother – Әже
Grandfather – Ата
Boyfriend – жігіті
Girlfriend- қызы
Mother + father = parents – ата-ана
Relatives – туысқандар
Uncle – Көке
Aunt – Тәте
Cousin – Бөле
Nephew – Жиен ұл
Niece – жиен қыз
Mother-in-law – Ене
Father-in-law – Қайын ата
Brother-in-law - жезде
Grandchildren- немерелер
Grandson – немере ұл
Granddaughter – немере қыз


My family lives in a small house.
It’s simple but pretty. It has a large
garden. I like to work in the garden
but my sister hates to work in the
garden. She reads in the morning,
in the afternoon and at night.
I give all of the vegetables to mom
and dad. They like to cook in our
small kitchen.
My family always eats breakfast
and dinner together. We talk. Then
my sister washes the dishes. At
night dad likes to listen to music.
Mom works on the computer. I
watch television. And my sister
Then we go to bed.
New Vocabulary
Small- кішкентай
Simple- қарапайым
Pretty- жеткілікті, сүйкімді
Large – үлкен
Garden- бақша
Hate – жек көру
Night – түн
Give – беру
All – барлық
Vegetables – көкөністер
Cook – тамақ жасау
Kitchen – кухня
Eat – жеу
Breakfast таңғы ас
Dinner – кешкі ас
Lunch – түскі ас
Together – бірге
Talk – Сөйлесу
Then - Сосын
Wash the dishes – Ыдыс жуу
Go to bed – ұйқыға жату


A:______ are you?
B:Pretty good, thanks.
1.she who is? __________________
2.is where room 4? _________________
A:______ is the concert?
B:On Tuesday at 7:30
A:______ is your favorite footballer?
B:Luka Modric
3.your English when is class? __________________
4.is his email what? __________________
5.cafe is why this closed? __________________
A:______ are the children?
B:They are at school.
A:______ is this milk?
B:2.50 pounds
6.that whose coat is? _____________________
7.present how today many pupils are? ___________________
8.what phone your number is? __________________
A:______ is this window open?
B:because it’s hot in the classroom
A:______ are you?
B: I’m 25


Personal Pronouns
Possesive adjectives
I - Мен
He – Ол (ұл)
She – Ол (қыз)
It – Ол (жануар/зат)
We - Біз
They – Олар
You – Сен, Сендер
My – Менің
His – Оның (ұл)
Her – Оның (қыз)
Its – Оның (зат/жануар)
Our – Біздің
Their – Олардың
Your – Сенің, сендердің
This is my dictionary
These are their laptops
That is your pen
Those are our tables


This is our classroom. It is light and big. The
room is nice. There is one door and three
windows in it. When it is warm, they are open.
When it is cold, they are closed. The door is
always closed when we have our lessons.
There is a blackboard on the wall. We write on
it. We sit on chairs in front of desks. The desks
are nice and green. The teacher's desk near
the blackboard. There are not many pupils in
our class. There are only seventeen in it. Today
fifteen pupils are present, two are absent. We
learn many subjects at school. They are:
Russian, English, history, literature, maths,
physics, chemistry, biology, geography and
physical education.
New Vocabulary
Light –
Big Room –
Warm – жылы
Cold – c
Closed –
Lesson –
Wall –
Pupil –
Absent –
Learn –
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