Тақырыбы: My career
English Proverbs
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My career

1. Тақырыбы: My career

The 4th of March
Тақырыбы: My career
Мақсаты: оқушыларға мамандық түрлері
туралы мәлімет беру, мамандық
атауларымен таныстыру, сөздік қорларын

2. English Proverbs

“Every man is an
architect of his own fortune”


“Ой қозғау”
What are you going to do
when you are twenty-two ?
What are you going to be
When you are twenty - three?
I΄ll be a doctor,
I΄ll be a teacher.


There are many professions in the
……. And many many others………



a farmer
a doctor
a vet
a reporter
a writer
a pilot
a singer
a teacher
a police officer
an actor
a model


Мәтінмен жұмыс
Инсерт әдісі. Work & Career
Choosing a career it is not a simple matter, because you chose one of the most
important things in your life. It is important to suit your career. It is important when
your career is your vocation in life. Skill, persistence and many others qualities are
requires in any job. There are 4 types of jobs. 1-st category is the man and machines are
for those who want to be an engineer and worker. They have to be patient, accurate,
working-hatred man. The 2-on category is a man and people. The professions of a
doctor, teacher, especially if you love children. You must be friendly, kind and attentive
to others. The 3-rd category is a man and a nature. You must love nature and must take
care of it. They become agronomists, biologists and work in agriculture. The 4-th
category is man and arts. To this category there belong fashion designers, windowdressers, writers, poets, musicians, painters and artists. These people are enthusiastic,
imaginative and creative. We don't know if it would be a right or wrong choice. My
ideas may change as I grow up.


The difference between the following words:
a job, a work, an occupation, a profession, a
Your job is the work that you do regularly in order to earn
money, especially when you work for a company or public
Work is used in a more general way to talk about activities that
you do to earn money, either working for a company or for
We use occupation to talk about the kind of work that someone
usually does. Occupation is used mainly on official forms.
A profession is a kind of work for which you need special
training and a good education.
Your career is the type of work that you do or hope to do for
most of your life


«Менен сұрақ, сізден жауап»
1.Can you name some jobs, which need people’s talent?
2.Who is your favorite singer, actor, actress, writer, poet, artist?


Flies a plane?
Works in a
Looks after
Writes books?
Works in a hospital
and helps people?
Makes reports?
Sings and play
Works in a
Works on a


«Ойлан тап»
1.A person whose job is to help people with the law or talk for them to the court
2.A person who does work to improve bad social conditions and help people in
3.A person who welcome or deals with people arriving at a hotel, at a place of
business, visiting a doctor
4.A person trained to look after sick animals
5.A person whose job is to work with electricity
6.A person who makes and sells medicines
7A person who owns a travel agency or works there and whose business is to
arrange travels


Guessing game
to the description of some jobs and guess the names of them. If you guess it
correctly, you’ll see its picture on the active board.
A) – You examine an ill patient. Then you make the patient’s diagnosis and write a
prescription. The patient takes it and goes to a chemist. What’s the name of the job?
B) –You look after ill people. You take their temperature, pulses, and blood pressure, give
them some medicine. You work in shifts
C) – You designs and draws plans for new buildings and cities. Your work is creative and
D)- You teach pupils, students. Your job is difficult, but you have a long holidays.
E) –You don’t walk in your cabin. You don’t talk to the people in your cabin. You are in the
air. The job is dangerous but interesting.
F)- You decide cases in a court law. You must know the laws of your country very well.
G) – You find coal. Your work is very difficult , it’s under the ground. The work is dirty, but
it is well-paid.


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