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National Research University of Electronic Technology (MIET)


My University
Made by:
Student of the first year,PIN-11, Kondratenko A
Checked by:
Associate Professor of Philological Sciences Borisova L.V.
Moscow 2023




National Research University of
Electronic Technology (MIET)
I am a first-year student of the
National Research University
of MIET. In this presentation, I
will tell you about my
university, about studying
there, about traditions of the
university, about the pros and
minuses, and of course about
extracurricular activities.


About the university
The National Research University "MIET" is Russia's leading technical university in
the field of high technologies. Modern laboratories, a fresh look at the educational
process and the unique integration of education, science and industry make MIET
a leader in training specialists in the field of micro- and nanoelectronics,
telecommunications and information technology. The University is among the three
strongest universities in Russia in the ranking of inventive activity of universities,
among the top five among technical universities in Moscow according to the
National University Rating and in the top 20 Russian universities according to the
prestigious British publication Times Higher Education.
Today, MIET is a higher educational institution with a half–century history and
traditions. This is a university that takes care of personal and professional growth,
physical development, psychological comfort, health and safety of students. This is
a place where future scientists and entrepreneurs find support and take the first
steps to success.


Rector of the university
Bespalov Vladimir Aleksandrovich
(Corresponding Member of the Russian
Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Technical
Sciences, Professor).
Brief biography:
• Graduate of MIET (1981)
• Vice-Rector for Finance and Innovation
• Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation
• First Vice-Rector (2009-2016)
• Candidate of Technical Sciences (1991),
Doctor of Technical Sciences (2004),
Professor (2013)
• Awarded the Order of Friendship (2008),
medals. Laureate of the Prize of the President
of the Russian Federation in the field of
education (2005). Honorary Worker of
science and technology of the Russian
• Since 2016 – Rector of MIET


Institutes and educational programs
Тhe university has 11 faculties:
• Institute of Biomedical Systems
• Institute of High-Tech Law, Social Science and Humanities
• Institute of Linguistic and Pedagogical Education
• Institute of International Education
• Institute of Microdevices and Control Systems
• Institute of Nano- and Microsystem Engineering
• Institute of Advanced Materials and Technologies
• Institute of system and software engineering and information technologies
• Institute of Physics and Applied Mathematics
• Military Educational Center
• Educational programs outside institutes


The first plus that I would like to
highlight is the design and
architecture of the university.
All the buildings are located
nearby, they all look decent,
and there are also corridors
between the buildings, which
makes it easy to move between


The second advantage is the
convenience inside the
university, there are several
canteens, ATMs, shops, soft
zones and a library. Also,
various events are regularly
held inside.


The third plus I would like to
highlight the quality of
laboratories and computer
classes. All rooms are well
equipped with everything
necessary to study your


The first disadvantage is
outdated guidelines and
programs in some subjects.
Technologies are developing
very quickly, and the program
sometimes requires knowledge
that is no longer used in real


The second disadvantage is
the wardrobe. Sometimes this
problem is less noticeable, but
sometimes large queues form
in the main lobby, in which you
can stand for 15 minutes or
more to pick up your clothes.


The third and most important
disadvantage is the training
programs. Of course, a good
specialist should understand many
areas, but sometimes students learn
subjects that will only indirectly
relate to their activities, and the
period of such training can last up to
2 years. In 2 years of cramming
information, students could be
taught more applied knowledge,
develop useful skills, or at least bring
some additional interactivity to their
studies. Many are transferred to
other places or faculties after being
disappointed in their profession.


Extracurricular activities
There are many different hobbies
at the university besides studying.
You can participate in KVN, be a
member of the university team in
various sports.
There are constantly
various events and events
that dilute the study.


Extracurricular activities


Traditions of the university
Every MIET student has a day
X or «Посвят", the day when
first-year students go to training
camps where there will be
various contests and interactive
tasks, after which all the guys
are initiated into freshmen. This
is a very pleasant memory for
most students.


Traditions of the university
The Freshmen Cup is a series
of competitions between the
faculties of the university.
Several disciplines and only 1
winner. For 2 years in a row,
the cup goes to the SPINTECH


Thank you for your attention and have a
good study!
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