National Research Tomsk State University
The history
The faculties
Admission requirements
Extracurricular activities

National Research Tomsk State University

1. National Research Tomsk State University

Performed by
Ruslan Valkevich

2. Plan

The history
The faculties
Admission requirements
Extracurricular activities
Career opportunities

3. The history

1878 years by Emperor Alexander II.
The Faculty of Medicine.
The physicist Gezekhus, the chemist Zalesky, the
zoologist Zaitsev.
First rector Gezekhus (1888).

4. The faculties

Institute of Biology, Ecology, Soil Science, Agriculture and Forestry
Faculty of Geology and Geography
Faculty of History
Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics
Faculty of Physics
Institute of Law
Faculty of Radiophysics
Faculty of Chemistry
Faculty of Economics
Faculty of Physics and Engineering
Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics
Faculty of Philosophy
Faculty of Philology
Faculty of Journalism
Faculty of Information Science
Faculty of Innovative Technology
Faculty of Arts and Culture
Faculty of Foreign Languages
Faculty of Psychology
International Faculty of Management
Faculty of Physics Education
Institute of Military Education

5. Facilities

12 buildings
5 research institutes
TSU research Library
Residence centres
Laboratories provided with modern sophisticated
A supercomputer
The sport complex with a swimming pool

6. Admission requirements

State exams and entrance exams.
3 subjects (Russian language, Physics and Math)
253 points
Kazakhstan, Tomsk, The Buryat Republic, Chita

7. Extracurricular activities

The university Choir, ensemble of violinists, Jazz Band
“TSU – 62”
Diving club “SCATE”
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