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My future plans


Semey State Medical University
Department of Russian and
foreign language
Prepared by: Torekhan Aigerim 139 GM
Checked by: Rymbaeva R.D



My name is Aigerim. I am a student of
SSMU. I am 19 years old. I am a student of
the first year of study. I have a lot of plans
for future. And my first dream is to graduate
from the university and start working as a
doctor-gastroenterologist. My future
profession is my own choice. I study with
pleasure. I would like to earn my own
money and become more independent.
Nowadays everyone dreams about a
successful career. I also want to become a
very good doctor. I like to communicate with
people, so I will be happy.


… When I’m thinking about my future I
cannot say for sure what it will be like. Many
of teenagers do not know what they want to
become. But I am sure that the most
important things for me in future will be my
profession and family. My opinion is that
good education is necessary to get a good
job. Profession is a very important choice
that will define all of my future life. I am glad
that my parents support me.


My future family
What is more, I guess, as every girl on the Earth I would like to
have a big and united family. As my both parents have brothers
and sisters my desire is to have two or three children. It is great
to spent family weekends and holidays together with relatives
and family.


My future house
Speaking about our future house, I want it to be a big, comfortable and
bright one with lots of windows and 2 floors. It would be really great if
we had something like forest or a lake near our cottage.
I think that it is nice and romantic to have a terrace with a wonderful
look-out over the lake. I also like pets, so I am absolutely sure that we
will have a dog and a cat, and maybe even a horse.
That is how I imagine my life in future. Now I must work really hard
to become the person I want to be.


I have often asked myself the question: What do I want in
this life? What do I need to be happy? I have a little plan for the
future . To begin, I want to finish university. Now I combine
both work and study. In the future, I want to find a job even
better. After graduation , I plan to work in the company , but
still will not say what . Chances are that I'm lucky . I will help
my parents . My parents have done for me very much. I want to
be grateful to them.
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