IceDry 3000 connections
IceDry 3000 internal
IceDry 3000 separate control panel
IceDry soft ware
Differences with standard units
Reactivation fans.
Controls .
IceDry 3000 defrost.
IceDry installations .
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ML 3 gen training 07( ACD -ICD)

1. IceDry 3000 connections

EdGo, MEA 2007-05-3.4

2. IceDry 3000 internal

25mm hole to dry the inside of ICEDRY
MLT30 (20-30m³/h)
react fan.
EdGo, MEA 2007-05-3.4

3. IceDry 3000 separate control panel

EdGo, MEA 2007-05-3.4

4. IceDry soft ware

IceDry setup
EdGo, MEA 2007-05-3.4

5. Differences with standard units

• Control panel.
Heater , timer
• Process start delay
• Casing
Completely closed.
• Reactivation fan.
Insulated box , complete closed.
• Heated fan box
• Dry air overpressure .
• Lower reactivation power.
EdGo, MEA 2007-05-3.4

6. Reactivation fans.

Complete tight fan box with external insulation .
Heating between insulation and box , controlled
by thermostats.
Must replaced as a complete item , separate fan
is available but NOT advised to replace
EdGo, MEA 2007-05-3.4

7. Enclosure.

• Unit enclosure completely closed.
• No seals on panels.
• Overpressure dry air in casing by hole in top
EdGo, MEA 2007-05-3.4

8. Controls .

• Control panel heated , controlled by
• Delay on process fan start , only reactivation
heater and fan in operation.
• No controls are used to start or stop the unit.
• Before starting unit 12 hr with power on to
heat up reactivation fan compartment.
EdGo, MEA 2007-05-3.4

9. IceDry 3000 defrost.

• Defrost will stop process fan and keep
reactivation circuit operational.
• Defrost can be set with unit in operation or unit
EdGo, MEA 2007-05-3.4

10. IceDry installations .

• See extra instructions for
Keep react ducting as
short as possible
Unit must easy removable
from the freezer.
EdGo, MEA 2007-05-3.4
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