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Типы чтения


I тип чтения – открытый слог (открытым
считается слог, оканчивающийся на гласную,
даже если она не произносится)
II тип чтения – закрытый слог (закрытым
считается слог, оканчивающийся на согласную)
III тип чтения – гласная + буква “r”, которая
влияет на звучание гласной в корне слова,
придавая ей некоторую протяжность.
V тип чтения – гласная + буква “r”+
гласная. Буква “r” в данном случае также не

2. I тип

• Note, lone, mice, rice, type, tune, shy, lay, say,
he, hay, name, same, nine, nice, game, came,
make, Kate, Pete, five, tie, life, eve, me, size,
no, cope, smoke, rose, nose, spine, sly, cry,
vine, maze, home, tube, made, fume, cube,
pace, lace, sky, hale, spine.

3. II тип

• Cap, pen, bed, ten, not, spot, lot, bad, rat, sit,
send, test, pit, in, send, spell, tin, less, ban,
mad, fat, Sam, land, did, fit, sat, pet, tin, slip,
sad, glad, bag, jam, gap, lag, can, kin, Jim,
Jack, yes, ink, cup, run, cod, spin, not, doll,
hop, hot, bank, rank, spin, up, us, bus, bun,
cut, fun, vet, well, but, nut.

4. III тип

• stern , Far, curt, hard, hart, car, card, cart, fork,
cork, work, sort, term, first, Byrd, furs,
curl, her, curb, turn, girl, sir, burn, turn, word,
born, torn, bird, form, serf, herb

5. IV тип

• Fare , here, pure, rare , cure, during,
mare, fire, bare, mire, stare,
tire, sere, mere, store, core, more, care



• My mother's sister is my _______.
a) Cousin b) nephew c) aunt
• My dad _______ the house on Saturdays.
A) Cooks b) irons c) cleans
• I'm eating in the _______ at lunchtime today.
A) playing field b) canteen c) corridor
• Teachers don't wear _______ in class.
A) tracksuits b) skirts c) shoes


• He plays the _______ in a pop group.
A) Drums b) cello c) violin
• We do _______ after school on Wednesdays.
A) guitar b) gymnastics c) chess
• You get very wet if you stand near the _______.
A) Waterfall b)rainforest c) lake
• I have a bad _______ because my shoes are
A) Finger b) hand c)toe


• The _______ is a very quiet animal.
A)Hippopotamus b) snake c)bear
• They can't teach _______ at my school
because we don't have many computers.
A)religious education b) English c)ICT d) PE
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