Aleksandra Soldatova
Sports career: 2014
Sports career: 2015
Sports career: 2016
Sports career: 2017
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My Idol Aleksandra Soldatova

1. Aleksandra Soldatova

fulfilled the student of group 71101 1 course
Dultseva Juliana

2. Biography

Born on June 1, 1998 in the city of Sterlitamak. With five
years of experience in rhythmic gymnastics, her first
coaches were Irina Kievets (Pushkino, Moscow region) and
Olga Nazarova (Pushkino, Moscow region). Before he got
into the team, trained in Dmitrov under the leadership of
Anna V. Shumilova. Renowned for its flexibility, stretching
and plasticity. In 2011, together with Evgenia Kanaeva and
Daria Kondakova represented the club "Gazprom" on the
club world Championships AEON Cup in Japan, where he
took first place in team competition and in the
competition among juniors.


In 2012 at the European Championships in
Nizhny Novgorod was the best in the finals
of the exercises with a ribbon, and together
with Diana Borisova, Yana Kudryavtseva and
Yulia Sinitsyna won in team all-around

4. Sports career: 2014

At the beginning of the 2014 season Soldatova was listed in the reserve
national team of Russia. Her debut as senior took place at the international
tournament held in the framework of the Grand Prix stage in Moscow, where
she took third place in the all-around behind Dina and Arina Averins.
Successful for her was the participation in the international tournaments. In
April in Riga at the tournament "Baltic Hoop" she took four gold medals out
of a possible five (a personal all-around, Hoop, clubs and ribbon), and making a
mistake in the exercise with the ball, took the fourth place. In July at the
tournament in Izmir, Soldatova won the all-around and exercise with a ribbon,
and three silver in the other species. In August, celebrated the victory in all
events at the competition in Brazil.


In September in the world Cup final in Kazan, Alexander
acted in the all-around competition, typing 70,700
points (unofficially fourth place after Yana Kudryavtseva,
Margarita Mamun and melitene Stanyuta). After
summing up the results of competitions the head coach
Irina Viner announced that Soldatova along with
Kudryavtseva and Mamun will represent the Russian
team at the world championship held in late September
2014 in Izmir, Turkey. Soldatov participated in team allaround by performing two exercises with ball and Hoop
and getting 17,675 and 18,050, respectively. The results
of the competition Alexandra Soldatova, Yana
Kudryavtseva and Margarita Mamun became the world
Champions in the team.

6. Sports career: 2015

At the first start of the season in 2015 on the Grand Prix
stage in Moscow in the individual all-around Soldatova
finished fourth. Having qualified to the finals of the
exercises with ball and clubs, she won first place in the
final ball with the assessment 18,200.
At the world championship 2015 Alexandra won gold in
the team competition and two silver medals for the
exercises with Hoop and clubs.

7. Sports career: 2016

In the Olympic season of 2016, the first international start for the
gymnasts was the tournament of series Grand Prix in Moscow, where
she won the all-around, qualified for three finals in individual events
and won the gold for Hoop and ball and silver for the ribbon. In the
second stage of the Grand Prix to Tie Alexander was second in the
all-around and in the finals of individual species won the "silver"
(Hoop) and two gold medals (ball, ribbon).
On the club world Championships Aeon Cup in Japan, won the bronze
medal in the individual all-around and gold in the team (along with
Margarita Mamun and Maria Sergeeva)

8. Sports career: 2017

At the Grand Prix in Moscow 2017
Alexander took second place in the allaround and also won gold in the exercise
with the ball.

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