Dina and Arina Averina


For many years, it has been
the standard of incredible
plasticity, grace and
accuracy of movements.
Today, this tradition is
confirmed and successfully
continued by the sisters
Dean and Arina Averina.
The biography of these
young athletes is already
full of vivid performances
and dizzying victories. What
are their sporting
achievements? And what
star girls are they in
everyday life?


Dina and Arina Averina are the
dominant figures in rhythmic
gymnastics and have swept all
individual titles at the European
Championships but the Russian
sisters have very different
Q: Can you describe
your sister in one
Dina: Angel.
Arina: Demon.


Parents of Dina and Arina Averin always believed in the
talent of their daughters. Therefore, together with their
coach, they did not miss the opportunity to send young
gymnasts to competitions of different levels. So start
sports career they are considered to be 2011. girls'
performances were highly appreciated at the competition
"Young gymnast". Athletes were noticed and invited to
view to Shatalina.
A new stage has begun sports life Averin sisters. They
began to prepare for more serious competitions: the
championship of Moscow, the championship of Russia, the
Grand Prix of the World Cup, etc. Also, the athletes and
their family moved to Olympic Village - Novogorsk, where
they began to live and train.


«These children are
brilliant, for 30 years of
coaching experience I
have not had such»-Vera
Shatalina coach of the
Averin Sisters.


Dina Averina became the best in
individual multidiscipline competitions
as well as in hoop and club events.
She also won silver in ball and ribbon
exercises. Her sister Arina Averina
took the first place in exercise with
ball and ribbon and gave way in ball
exercises and in multidiscipline
competitions to her sister.
Both sisters have got one page in
Instagram and Vkontakte. There are
no secrets : they divide their success,
happiness and fans.


“Dina and Arina are heroes who turned
themselves over,” said Irina VinerUsmanova, head coach of the Russian
national team and president of the AllRussian Federation of Rhythmic
Gymnastics, in a conversation with
reporters. “The girls were little techies,
they made interesting elements, but it
was all” that the nightingale is alive that is groovy, "and that didn’t suit us at
all. Therefore, it was a very difficult job."
“They are honest girls, tried very hard,
and then eventually started smiling,
shooting eyes,” the head coach
continued. “They sat in front of the
mirror, watching how to work with the
eyes and how to attract the audience.
And it was very cool, because that they
proved to be real actresses in these
competitions. It was a huge difference
between the month of May when they
lost to the Italian girl, who now took
place in the second eight. "


In 2014, Dina Averina became the champion of
Moscow, although she performed with
temperature. And her twin sister took second
place. At the Holon Grand Prix competitions in
the same year, the girls switched places. Today
she is an international class master, three-time
world champion (2017), absolute world
champion (2017), three-time European
champion (2017) and absolute champion of
Russia (2017). In her piggy bank for 2017,
seven gold and six silver medals.


Arina Averina does not lag behind her sister in the
list of achievements and successfully performs at
various competitions, demonstrating sophisticated
technique, plasticity and mastery of gymnastic
props. For the 2017 season, she received eight
gold, two silver and two bronze medals. Arina is
also recognized as a world-class master, two-time
champion world (2017) and three-time European
champion (2017).
Among the special awards of both sisters are a
prize for artistry from Alina Kabaeva at the Grand
Prix in Moscow (2016).


So in 2015, due to an unfortunate
mistake in the performance with
the tape, Arina became only 13th
in the all-around at the Grand Prix
in Moscow. Dina took 5th place.
But it seems that no obstacles can
break the girls. They only “fuel”
interest, provoke and intensify the
zeal for victories.


Two characters. One team. The
Averin sisters even have their
own pre-competition ritual.
Dina: "Before going out, we
always set each other up, look
each other in the eye." Arina:
"We say the words and go out
on the platform."


Today, the biography of Dina and Arina
Averin is a kaleidoscope of amazing
programs, the love and pride of fans, the
support and faith of relatives and coaches.
The sisters are all aware of this, feel and are
not going to stop there. But for them, the
most important motivation is not
compliments and the delight of others, but
constructive criticism. They are only 19
years old, 15 of them they gave to sports.
And all the same, mistakes and failures
happen. High-quality and attentive work on
mistakes is what helps gymnasts to win.


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