Religion Christianity
History of pilgrimage
Why and when you need to become pilgrims
Why we choose this event in religion

Religion Christianity. Pilgrimage

1. Religion Christianity


2. Agenda

• 1. History of pilgrimage
• 2. Why and when you need to
become pilgrims
• 3. Why we choose this event in

3. History of pilgrimage

Pilgrimage has been known since ancient
times. However, the Roman emperors had
been anxious to destroy everything connected
with Jesus Christ to prevent the pilgrimage destroyed the temple, renamed the city, and
on Christian shrines arranged a pagan temple.
But it ended in the fourth century and
Christians much more often began to
pilgrimage. However, St. Gregory of Nyssa
condemned excessive pilgrimage, considering
that the pilgrims often make the journey out of
idle curiosity, fall into gross stuff, and
temptations. Pilgrimages and processions were
allowed to strengthen still immature in the
faith of Church members

4. Why and when you need to become pilgrims

To Become a pilgrim and to go on a
pilgrimage you can any day, because
there is no special day to start a
pilgrimage. Pilgrims-people who
have weak faith or those who are
willing to give up on everything in
order to visit the saints place in their
country or abroad. During the
pilgrimage, all people have different
goals - someone to receive the grace
of the Holy spirit, to become
acquainted with the monastic life,
and someone on a pilgrimage
involve more mundane purpose: to
ask for wealth, health, success in
business. Because of the pilgrimage
modern churches create a special
form of godliness – the so-called
"spiritual tourism"

5. Why we choose this event in religion

We chose this event because it
exists with religion for a very
long time. this religion is very
close to us. despite the fact that
we are not pilgrims we believe
that the pilgrimage is a great
way to test the strength of your
faith and see your religion from
different sides
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