Christmas and Hogmanay in Scotland.
Preparation for Christmas in Scotland.
Santa Claus.
Christmas traditions
Scottish traditions
Scottish traditions
First-footer’s gifts
Scottish traditions
What do the Scots have on the holiday table?

Christmas and Hogmanay in Scotland

1. Christmas and Hogmanay in Scotland.

by Zheliaskova Arina,
5 class C, grammar school № 540


We are pleased to tell you
about Christmas in
There are some special
traditions in this country.

3. Preparation for Christmas in Scotland.

In Scotland people like
celebrating Christmas. It
is the best holiday.
Scottish celebrate
Christmas on December,
25th. They love to
decorate the Christmas
tree and the Christmas
tree looks very nice in
every home.

4. Santa Claus.

In Scotland
“Grandfather Cold” is
called Santa Claus. He
lives in Lapland with his
reindeers. The main
reindeer's name is
Rudolf. Santa Claus
arrives to the house on
a sleigh with reindeers.
He crawls through the
chimney to the house.
Santa Claus puts gifts in
stockings and then flies

5. Christmas traditions

Children ask their
gifts from Father
Christmas. They write
letters to him and
throw them into the

6. Scottish traditions

In Scotland
New year is
People open
the doors to
let the Old
Year go out
and bring in
the New

7. Scottish traditions

When New year
comes, it’s very
important to meet
the first guest.
The First-Footer must
be a man with dark
hair. He also has to
bring special gifts.

8. First-footer’s gifts

• A coal - wish of
comfort in the
• A slice of bread –
the desire of wealth
• A silver coin - the
desire of wealth
• A green sprig - the
wish of good health.

9. Scottish traditions

There’s an ancient
Scottish tradition to
pass under a sprig of
mistletoe and kiss each
other as a sign of
friendship. The Scottish
sing the hymn "Auld
Lang Syne“ which is
written by the great
poet Robert Burns in
the 18th century.

10. What do the Scots have on the holiday table?

On the table there are traditionally oat cakes, some
meat and pies with dried fruits. A hospitable hostess
will bake a traditional Dundee cake with candied
fruit, cherries and ground almonds.


Thank you
for your
We hope
that this
for you.
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