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My favourite singer Sia

1. Sia

My favourite singer

2. Biography

Name:SIA ( SIA Kate Isobelle Feller )
Date of birth: 18 December 1975.
Age: 42 years
SIA is an Australian singer, the
popularity of which came after the
release of the song "Breathe Me", which
later became the soundtrack to the TV
series "the Client is always dead"

3. Music

In 1997, SIA moved to London, where she
was lucky. First, the young singer took a
backup singer in the infamous band
"Jamiroquai", then she released the album
"Only see," and in 2000 an ambitious
person entered into a contract with the
record company "Sony Music".

4. Popular songs

Song from the album "Breathe Me" not only
occupied the first lines a hit-parades of a
couple of American radio stations, but
became the soundtrack to the TV series "the
Client is always dead". In 2010, the singer
released a new album "We Are Born". Single
from the LP "You've Changed" has become
the soundtrack to the film "the vampire


It's hard to describe what action have on me
her songs. The gain Sia sings well technically,
but I lack a little sincerity, and frankness, felt
a certain closeness. She has a very
recognizable style of singing.
She is beautiful!
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