My favorite singer.
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My favorite singer

1. My favorite singer.

Guseynova Albina 11 "M".


Yulia Zivert (stage name
Zivert) is a Russian singer
that sings in the genre of
dance-pop, electro-pop
and disco. She was born on
28th November 1990 in


Before her career she was working a stewardess. She says that she
didn't like the office work and her parents often were travelling and
took her with them.
Few years after she quit the work. She was tired of these flights and
travels. She felt herself very lonley without friends and relatives. Also
she wanted to be more extra-ordinary, what is not allowed in
stewardess' life.


'Чак', her debut song, was
published on 1st April
'Анастезия' is her second
song and it was out on
15th September 2017.
Also she recorded a soundtrack 'Ветер перемен'
for the Russian series 'Чернобыль 2'.


It's her first EP 'Сияй'. It
includes 4 songs with 80s
and 90s vibes. 'It's a clear
vintage,' she says.
That's my favorite song
that called 'Life'. It was out
on 30th November 2018.
The song is very popular
even now. It hit all the
music charts, you could
hear it everywhere.


Finally, she realesed her
first album 'Vinyl #1' that
includes 9 songs. It also has
disco and retro vibes.
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