University of Cambridge and Lomonosov Moscow State University.
Top 10 British universities.
Top 10 Russian universities.
University of Cambridge
Lomonosov Moscow State University
The educational process
University graduates
My opinion about University of Cambridge.
My opinion about Lomonosov Moscow State University
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University of Cambridge and Lomonosov Moscow State University

1. University of Cambridge and Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Boltnev Gregory.

2. Top 10 British universities.

University of Cambridge
Oxford University
University of St. Andrews
London School of Economics
University College London
University of Warwick
Lancaster University
Durham University
Loughborough University
Imperial College London

3. Top 10 Russian universities.

«Moscow State University. of Lomonosov»
«St. Petersburg State University»
«Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology»
«Russian Peoples «Friendship University»
«Tomsk State University»
«Nizhny Novgorod State University. Lobachevsky»
«State University of Kazan»
«Moscow Engineering Physics Institute»
«Rostov State University»
«Moscow State Linguistic University»

4. University of Cambridge

Cambridge University (English University of Cambridge, Lat . Universitas
Cantabrigiensis) - of the founding of the second university in the UK after Oxford
and fourth in the world; one of the " ancient universities " Great Britain and
Ireland , one of the most famous universities in the world , a member of an elite
group of " Russell ."
University grew out of meetings of learned men of the city of Cambridge that was
formed , according to the chronicles, in 1209, scientists have left the city of Oxford
, because Oxford student killed a resident of the city. In 1214 were made formal
university rules . According to him was appointed rector and the program with
exams at the end. In the Middle Ages all the knowledge about the world prepared
in monasteries. The main difference from the monasteries they become learning
sciences , philosophy, logic, mathematics . Universities of Cambridge and Oxford
are often collectively referred to as " Oxbridge ". In addition to a lasting place in
the history of British society , these universities have a long history of rivalry with
each other


Interesting facts about the University of
1. Cambridge University scientists formed of
people who left Oxford because of a conflict
with local residents in 1207.
2. The structure includes 31 Cambridge college,
and more than 150 departments, faculties,
schools, syndicates and other institutions.
3. The most famous students who have
completed Cambridge were: Sir Isaac
Newton, Charles Darwin, Ernest Rutherford.

6. Lomonosov Moscow State University

Lomonosov Moscow State University - the leading , one of
the oldest and largest classical universities of Russia, one of
the centers of national science and culture . C 1940 is named
after Mikhail Lomonosov , the full name - Federal State
Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education
"Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov ,"
commonly abbreviated as " MSU".
MSU includes 15 research institutes , 40 faculties, 300
departments and 6 branches ( including five foreign - all CIS) .
The university has about 35,000 students in undergraduate ,
graduate and specialties , 5,000 graduate students, doctoral
students, job seekers and 10,000 students of preparatory
departments , a total of about 50,000 people.

7. The educational process

• Beginning in 2011, MSU entered training in the six-year
integrated program , despite the fact that in 2011 the
Russian universities should finally go to the two-tier
system in accordance with the principles of the
Bologna Convention . Moscow State University Rector
Viktor Sadovnichii said that the university will prepare
students for their own standards. According to him,
they " will be higher than the state ." Thus, the basic
forms of training at MSU will be learning specialist and
master . In this specialist will train for six years .
Bachelor , as reported by the rector of Moscow State
University , will be only a few faculties of the university.
Experts estimate the solution manual MSU ambiguous.

8. University graduates

1. Balmont, Konstantin Dmitrievich (expelled in 1886 for
participating in student unrest)
2. Korolyova Lydia G. (left university in 1937).
3. Ostrovsky, Alexander (left the university in 1843).
4. Zemfira Talgatovna Ramazanova (left university in the
second year due to recording the new album).
5. Lermontov, Mikhail (left in 1832, having studied for two

9. My opinion about University of Cambridge.

• I think it is very nice and prestigious university,
but I would not be there to learn because you
have to spend a lot of money, but if you
suddenly want to go to university abroad and
you have so much money, then I suggest you
go at this institution.

10. My opinion about Lomonosov Moscow State University

• This is very cool university.But there you need
to spend a lot of money too.I think this two
universities have their advantages and


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