World famous universities
5th place Stanford University
Interesting facts about Stanford University
4th place University of Oxford
3th place University of Cambridge
2th place Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT)
Interesting Facts About the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1th place Harvard University
Interesting Facts About the Harvard University
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World famous universities

1. World famous universities

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Stanford University
University of Oxford
University of Cambridge
Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT)
Harvard University

3. 5th place Stanford University

Stanford University is one of the most famous
educational and research centers in the world, one of
the most advanced universities in the field of high
technology and information technology. It is located in
the town of Palo Alto (California, USA), in the heart of
the famous Silicon Valley.


Founded in 1891 by Californian governor and railroad
entrepreneur Leland Stanford
More than 7,000 students and more than 9,000 graduate
students from the United States and around the world
study at Stanford.
It has 7 faculties:
• School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences
• School of Humanities and Sciences
• School of Engineering
• Graduate School of Education
• School of Medicine
• Law School
• Graduate School of Business

5. Interesting facts about Stanford University

• Stanford University students celebrate Halloween at
the crypt - Stanford University’s family mausoleum.
• Another interesting tradition that students follow year
after year is Full Moon on the Quad. On the night when
the full moon comes in the yard, the older students
exchange kisses with the first-year students.

6. 4th place University of Oxford

University of Oxford - University of Oxford - one of the
most prestigious universities in the world, located in
Southeast England. Oxford University is one of the seven
"ancient universities" of Great Britain and Ireland and is
considered the very first university in the British Isles.
More than 70 Nobel laureates and other prizes worked at
it at different times.


The university was founded in 1096. More than 20,000
students study at Oxford, and a quarter of them are
In addition to the central university, there are 38
colleges (Oxford Colleges) and 6 private dormitories
(Permanent Private Halls), which enjoy self-government
and financial independence.
The territory of the university is truly huge: each
college has its own dining room, bar, library, lounge and
dormitories. The university has theaters, museums and
libraries. Moreover, Oxford University has its own
publishing house, which publishes the world famous
Oxford Dictionary.
Classrooms and canteens of some colleges can be seen
in a series of films about the young wizard Harry Potter.
Most often, Christ Church College dining room flashed
through them.

8. 3th place University of Cambridge

Cambridge is an elite and prestigious university,
located in the eponymous city of the county of
Cambridgeshire, in the eastern part of England. The
university was founded in the early 13th century. There
are still many medieval traditions and customs that are
honored and strictly observed by students and teachers.


Cambridge is the second of seven "ancient universities"
after Oxford. Cambridge takes one of the leading places
in authoritative international ratings.
The university offers studies in six schools or fields of
• Arts and Humanities
• Biological Sciences
• Clinical Medicine
• Humanities and Social Sciences
• Physical Sciences
• Technology


Training can be carried out under the programs of
undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs. All
specialties are divided into two main areas: Classical or
humanitarian; Scientific.
University infrastructure includes such objects as:
• Libraries
• Laboratories
• Sports and Gyms
• 31 college
• Dormitories
• Clinics and hospitals
• 150 departments, schools, faculties and other
educational institutions;
• Computer classes and others

11. 2th place Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT)

MIT is one of the most famous technical universities in
the USA and around the world, an innovator in the field
of robotics, artificial intelligence and information
The institute was founded on April 10, 1861, two days
before the outbreak of the Civil War.
The institute is located in Cambridge and covers an
area of 168 acres that extend along the Charles River.



Most MIT campus buildings built in 1916. Laboratories,
training centers, gyms, 26 acres of playgrounds and the
institute's residences are within walking distance of
each other. Around the MIT campus are the offices of
well-known IT companies. Students are available on
campus at 11 student residences, as well as in
Cambridge or Boston. Interestingly, some campus
buildings and residences are connected by underground

14. Interesting Facts About the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

• According to the plot of the Iron Man tape, the main
character Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) graduated
from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
• A famous mathematician, Nobel Prize winner in
economics John Forbes Nash Jr., whose life story is
shown in Ron Howard’s A Beautiful Mind tape, worked
at the school.
• The Institute does not award honorary degrees: it is
believed that one can only be proud of one’s
achievements, and completing MIT is already a great
honor. The honorary degrees of professors were
appointed only two times in exceptional cases:
Winston Churchill and Salman Rushdy received it.

15. 1th place Harvard University

Harvard University is the oldest US university with the
largest donation fund among universities in the world.
More than 40 Nobel laureates studied at Harvard, as
well as many politicians (for example, Theodore
Roosevelt and Barack Obama) and businessmen (for
example, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg).
Harvard College (now a university) was founded on
October 28, 1636 in Newtown (now Cambridge),
About 2100 teachers work at Harvard and about 6700
students and 14500 graduate students study.



It consists of the strongest
programs consisting of 12 +
1 units based on 7
• Faculty of Arts and
• Medical school
• School of Dentistry
• Institute of Theology
• School of Law
• Business school
• Graduate School of
• Higher School of
• Institute of Public Health

18. Interesting Facts About the Harvard University

• Harvard, which was founded just three days before
Halloween, has its share of ghost stories. Over the
years, students, teachers, and staff have reported
encounters with spirits roaming the corridors of some
dormitories and school buildings. These include
Wadsworth House, which General George Washington
used as his first headquarters, and Lowell Hall, named
after former President Harvard Abbot Lawrence
• People claim to have seen ghosts dressed in a colonial
uniform walking along corridors or passing through the
doors of Wadsworth House. The ghosts of Lowell's
sister, poetess Amy Lowell, or former House Master
Elliott Perkins have been reported to be seen silently
moving around Lowell House.
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