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The system of ranks in Ukrainian police and American (British) police



Terms assigning special ranks policeman
in Ukraine
Citizens of Ukraine who wish to
enlist in the police, in order to
determine their health are required
to undergo medical examination
and verification of physical fitness,
physiological examination,
examination to detect alcohol, drug
and toxic addiction in order, The
Ministry of internal Affairs of


Private police
Police sergeant
Corporal Police Sergeant of Police


-Lieutenant police
-Police Lieutenant
-Senior police lieutenant
-Police captain
-Major police
-PolPolice ice Lieutenant Colonel



Assigning special ranks in connection
with the adoption of the new Law of
Ukraine "On the national police"



The basic law in the US, which has
supreme legal force, the Constitution
of the United States 1787 p US
national interests in the most general
terms set out in the preamble to the
Constitution: "create a perfect union
of states to ensure peace in the
country, contribute to the formation
of a single defense system, promote
the general welfare and ensure the
freedom of its citizens and their
descendants ".


For the next rank officers of the
US armed forces should have the
following years of service:
•First Lieutenant - 1.5-2 years;
•Captain - 3.5-4 years;
•Major - 10 years;
•colonel - 16 years;
•Colonel - at least 22 years.
• Title generals assigned by a special decision.


Assigning titles uorent-duty officers
performed after achievement of such terms
of service in the previous rank:
- uorent Officer 1st Class - 3 years
-uorent senior officer 2nd class - 6 years
-uorent senior officer 3rd class - 6 years
-uorent senior officer of the 4th class after 15 years of service as a senior
officer uorent


- ordinary - 6 months;
- Private 1st class - under 4
months and 1 year (6 months
and 6 months);
- Corporal - 6 months and 2
years (8 months and 1 year);
- Sergeant - 8 months and 3
years (6 months and 3 years);
- Staff Sergeant - 10 months
and 7 years (18 months and 5


This minimum time assigning successive
ranks of ordinary and petty officers in the
US armed forces are different for the
Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps
and depend on seniority, seniority in
office, features a soldier, the results of
various tests, awards, vacancies and the
decision of the selection committee.


Police can be reduced
in rank to a special
degree from the
application of the
disciplinary sanction
on the grounds and in
the manner
determined by the
Disciplinary Statute of
the National Police of
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