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Police of the Russian Federation


Police of the
Russian Federation
Presentation by
the cadet:
Vorontsova A.A.
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The police is the federal lawenforcement agency in Russia,
operating under the Ministry
of Internal Affairs.


The police force in Saint Petersburg was established
as the Main Police on June 7, 1718 by decree from
Peter the Great.


On January 19, 1722 the
Governing Senate
established the Moscow
Police. The Detective
Department was founded
in 1866 operating under
the Police Department of
MVD, and by 1907
similar departments had
been created in other
major cities of the
Russian Empire,
including Moscow, Kiev,
Riga, Odessa, Tiflis,
Baku and Rostov-onDon.


Russian police reform is
an ongoing effort
initiated by former
President Dmitry
Medvedev to improve
the efficiency of Russia's
police forces, decrease
corruption and improve
the public image of law
enforcement. On 7
February 2011,
amendments were made
to laws on the police
force, the criminal code
and the criminal
procedure code.


Central administration
1.Criminal Police Service
2. Logistical Service
3. Independent Divisions


Rank insignia
The Russian Police do not use the
rank of Corporal.


In order to attend
college police after the
9th or 11th class, you
must complete and
submit to the selection
committee the following
1.The application (for
minors with parental
2.A copy of the
certificate of education.
3.Copy of birth
certificate (passport).
4.Medical certificate
5.A copy of the medical
6.Professional color
photographs 3x4.
7.The certificate of the
results of the exam or
the OGE.
8.Copies of the
documents on the
granting of privileges.


Future employees MVDKrome Commission, all future students are:
1. Testing the overall psychological state and level of IQ;
2. interview in basic school subjects - Russian language (in the form of a short essay),
Russia and the history of mathematics (not per specialty);
3. entrance examinations in physical education, which include running (100 and 1,000 m)
as well as strength training. The score for this discipline is added to a common and has a
significant influence in the competitive selection.


Thank you for attention.
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