Storage devices
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Storage devices

1. Storage devices


This is a piece of hardware which can store
data outside the processor in a form which
is suitable for input back into the processor.
This is needed to save the information for
future if the processor is switched off, and
to transfer the files from one machine to


• Types of storage devices


Optical Storage Devices
Optical media is more reliable than tape. Data is
written to optical media, such as CDs and DVDs.
• small and portable
• Cheap to produce
• Large market of music, movie and game


Magnetic storage devices are:
• Magnetic tape works on similar lines to the
hard disk, using a magnetic medium. It is
cheaper than disk.
• Floppy disk consists of a plastic case. Inside
that case is a very thin piece of plastic that is
coated with microscopic iron particles. Floppy
disks are the smallest type of storage, holding
only 1.44mb.
• Hard disk drive – magnetic disk which holds
information and faster than any other storage


Flash storage is a type of drive that uses
memory card and flash drive to keep data.
Memory card is a small storage medium
used to store data such as pictures, audio
and video.
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