Project My action plan «Getting ready for the future»
My ambition
My experience
My skills
I need to…
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Project My action plan «Getting ready for the future»

1. Project My action plan «Getting ready for the future»

Done by
Egor Zharikov
Form 9a

2. My ambition

I want to get a higher education, that’s why I
am going to go in the 10th form. After school I
wish to enter the university. It is my dream. At
the university I am going to get a language
education because I am fond of foreign

3. My experience

Up to now I have already been learning the
English language for 8 years. I can say that my
English skills are quite good. Also I study
English with a private teacher which helps me
a lot. I practice my English in the Internet
through chatting with foreign students.

4. My skills

As for my skills, I can say that I am good at
translating simple texts. I am able to explain
some topics for weaker pupils. Lately I have
started to train hard on my English grammar. I
wish to upgrade my skills in different
languages all my life, because language is a
necessary thing for the future employment.

5. I need to…

I think I need to improve my English skills.
Yes, I agree that I have to study the English
language more. I want to practice my language
qualifications in real life, to try to speak more,
preferably with native speakers.
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