Summer Olympic games in Brazil 2016
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Summer Olympic games in Brazil 2016

1. Summer Olympic games in Brazil 2016


• The most important event of the entire planet
will be in 2016 in the main Brazilii. The main
staratsya each sporstmen.


• I really love going to watch sport. gymnastics,
swimming and athletics. Especially sports
gymnastics. It is will look very spectacular
sport. I have many favorite gymnasts


• The Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro
(Brazil) will be held in 2016 and will be held
from 5 to 21 August. The Olympics is
notable because it will be the first Olympic
Games that will take South America. And
now undefeated among continents, except
Antarctica, Africa remains one, has never
host this huge event.
As Rio became the capital


• At the Olympics in 2016 initially claimed
8 cities, but the final vote was selected
four finalists: Madrid (Spain), Rio de
Janeiro (Brazil), Tokyo (Japan) and
Chicago (USA). Choosing the capital took
place in Copenhagen (Denmark) at the
121st IOC session on October 2, 2009.


• Voting took place in maksimalnoe number of
rounds - three. Only in the first round it was
napryazhennyya struggle among the
candidate cities, which narrowly defeated the
rest of Madrid. The second and third rounds
were held a clear advantage for the Brazilian
Rio de Janeiro, which was declared the capital
of the XXXI Olympic Games.



• The program of the XXII Summer Olympic Games,
it was decided to include rugby-7 (a simplified
version of rugby) and golf.
Both of these at one time were represented in
the Olympic program.
Golfers competed in the Summer Games only two
Olympic Games - 1900 and 1904. Then, golf has
been excluded from the list of Olympic sports.
Rugby tournament was first held in 1900 at the
Games in Paris and has since been included in the
program of the next three Olympics. Also in Paris,
but in 1924, rugby for a long time to say goodbye
to the Olympic Games.
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