Olympic games in Rio
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Olympic games in Rio

1. Olympic games in Rio

The 2016 Summer
Olympics will be held from
5 to 21 August in Rio de
Janeiro, Brazil. Olympic
football tournament will be
held in other cities of the
country - Belo Horizonte,
Brasilia, Salvador and Sao
Paulo. It will be the first
Olympic Games, taking
place in South America, the
second in Latin America
after the 1968 Olympic
Games in Mexico City and
the first since 2000, taking
place in the southern

2. Objects Olympics

For the Games was chosen 6 exotic paradises of the
capital of Brazil. The main object - is the Maracana. Why
primary? Yes, because this is where the celebrations will
be held opening and closing, as well as football matches.
Especially for the Games was erected João Havelange
Olympic Stadium. Competitions in gymnastics,
trampoline and basketball games will take place at the
Rio Olympic Arena. Volleyball competitions will take
place in paradise - on the beach of Copacabana and
Ginásio do Maracanãzinho. Competitions in archery will
be held at the Sambadrome

3. Lucky Charm

Much attention has traditionally been paid to the logo of
the Olympics 2016. It shows the merging of mountains,
sun and sea in a graceful and sinuous line of dancing
men. The color scheme has been selected on the basis of
the national colors of Brazil: the symbol is in the blue,
yellow and green colors. It is worth noting that the
choice was not easy. For the attention of judges was
represented by about 150 options . Also, special attention
was focused on the Olympic mascots. Traditionally, the
names chosen for their local residents who expressed
their will by voting online. As a result, mascots have
been named Vinicius and Tom. They got their names
after famous musicians of Brazil. Mascots have views of
flora and fauna of Brazil .

4. Olympic sports

At the moment, the Russian national team in
various sports won 213 Olympic licenses for the
2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro and another 85
licenses claims in those sports in which license
holders are determined by the respective ratings
of the Olympic International Sports Federations.
This license allows the number of the Russian
national team at this time to take part in the
draw medals in 205 disciplines of 306 possible.
I will support our team in all kinds of sports, but
the more attention I will pay to gymnastics and
swimming. In my opinion there is could be won
the largest number of medals.
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