Harvard University
Harvard University
Coat of arms of Harvard University
The medical structure of the University includes:
Famous graduates
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Harvard University

1. Harvard University

2. Harvard University

One of the most famous, old and prestigious universities
in the US and around the world. Located in
Cambridge, the State of Massachusetts.

3. Coat of arms of Harvard University

4. Prestige

Harvard is in the Ivy
League and dreams in
his sleep from
childhood to all
careerists. The
Harvard Diploma is a
pass to the higher
world and the elite in
any field.

5. History

Harvard University was founded in
1636. Named after the English
missionary and philanthropist
John Harvard. Prior to the 19th
century, emphasis was placed on
religion and spiritual disciplines.
The first college graduate
numbered only 9 people. The
20th century was a turning point
in the history of the university.
Professors and teachers with a
world-wide reputation were
involved in the work. The
number of students was
constantly increasing, the
magistracy program was opened
in many faculties.

6. Faculties

Harvard is a versatile
university where you can
study any science. But the
medical faculty remains
one of the most prestigious
and popular. In the
institute of public health
services it is offered to pass
master's programs, to
finish postgraduate study,
to be engaged in scientific

7. The medical structure of the University includes:

• Harvard Medical
• Harvard School of
• Institute of Public

8. Famous graduates

Barack Obama
Mark Zuckerberg
Natalie Portman

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