King of Rock'n'Roll
Text:“ Music in our life “
Text: “My favorite singer”
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Music in our life. My fovorite singer


English presentation
“Music in our life . My fovorite
Dolinska gymnasium
School №3
Maks Korets from 8-B
Teacher Sheremet Tatiana

2. Vocabulary

• Music
• Composer
• Poor
• Dreamed
• Singer
• King of Rock'n'Roll

3. Music

4. Composer

5. Poor

6. Dreamed

7. Singer

8. King of Rock'n'Roll

9. Text:“ Music in our life “

• People cannot live without music. They
listen to music , dance to music or learn
to play musical instruments. There is
music everywhere : at home , in a
concert hall , in the park , at the seaside ,
in the forest or even in the street.Music
is not only a combination of pleasant
sounds. It is an art which reflects life.
Music reflects people’s ideals and


In this world of ours , filled with conflicts ,
tragedies , joys and hopes , music strives to speak
to people of what is most important , urgent and
poignant. Music in the lives of different people is
different : some compose music , others play music
, and others only listen to it . Different people like
different kinds of music. You may prefer pop or
rock music , country or folk music ,classical music
or jazz , but you certainly cannoy think of a day
without music. It is a great pleasure to be able to
play an instrument and I like it a lot.

11. Text: “My favorite singer”

• Elvis Presley came from a very poor family. He
was born on the 8th of January, 1935 in
• Elvis loved music. He went to church every
Sunday and sang in the choir.
• One day in 1954 he went to a recording studio
called Sun Records. He wanted to make a record
for his mother's birthday. The secretary at the
studio, Marion Keisker, heard Elvis and she told
her boss, Sam Phillips.
• Elvis was just what Sam Phillips dreamed about:
"a white boy with a black voice".


• Phillips became Elvis's manager and Elvis made
his first single — "That's All Right, Mama".
• In 1955 Elvis appeared on TV in New York.
• In 1958 Elvis joined the American army and
went to Germany.
• Elvis was a millionaire, but he was a very lonely
man.In his last years he became fat and
depressed. He died of a heart attack on the
16th of August, 1977 in his mansion at
Graceland, Memphis.
• But for his millions of fans Elvis is still the King,
the King of Rock'n'Roll.
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