Future perfect continuous
Future perfect continuous
Forming Future Perfect Continuous Tense
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Future perfect continuous

1. Future perfect continuous

Prepared by Zhumadildinova Balym
2-009 Dentistry

2. Future perfect continuous

3. Duration

We use this tense to express situations
that will last for a specified period of time
at a definite moment in the future. It is
important that we expect these
situations to last longer.

4. Forming Future Perfect Continuous Tense

Affirmative Form
Subject + will + have + been +
When you graduate your university, I’ll
have been working as a dentist for 3
Negative Form
Subject + will not / won't + have +
been + verb(ing)
I won’t have been treating patients by
the time you arrive
Question Form
Will + subject + have + been +
Will doctor Harry have been catering
patients by the time I come?
Negative Question
Won't + subject + have + been +
Won’t you have been working as a
private practitioner by 2025?
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